NYCC Friday: Marvel NOW! Join the REvolution


Our coverage of New York Comic Con continued this past Friday with Marvel’s REvolution panel, which detailed even more of the new titles launching in the coming months. The panel included such big Marvel names as Axel Alonso, Tom Brevoor, Jason Aaron, Mark Wade, Rick Remender (who is a new personal favorite of mine) and Kieran Gillan.

List and details of new and continuing Marvel NOW! titles under the cut, including mild spoilers.

Iron Man (November)

  • Creative team: Kieron Gillen, Greg Land
  • Tony will have a crisis of faith and be going off to do his own thing.
  • The title will feature a new villain and boasts a new suit every issue.
  • The first few issues will be somewhat stand-alone, but building towards something unexpected. There will be a change in the status quo in issue number six.

Thor (November)

  • Creative team: Jason Aaron, Esad Ribic
  • Aaron: The story focuses squarely on Thor himself and on the question of “Who is Thor?”
  • The stories will be “big, epic and sprawling.”
  • Will feature young Thor before he’s proven himself worthy of the hammer, present Thor and old King Thor.
  • King Thor story will take place thousands of years in the future, Thor will have become more like his dad than he ever would have imagined.
  • King Thor will have one eye and one arm.
  • New villain: the “god butcher” who has been killing gods for thousands of years.
  • Thor gets to take on the “god butcher” in three different eras.

Captain America (November)

  • Creative Team: Rick Remender, John Romita Jr.
  • Remender: We haven’t really ever seen how he became the tenacious and courageous person that he is.
  • A good half of the first ten issues will be about who Steve Rogers was growing up and how he became the hero that he is.
  • Remender: The other half is “out of my head crazy science fiction stuff that I like to do.”
  • Title will see the return of Arnim Zola, but as an A-level threat.
  • The first story will be about Dimension Z, and will see Cap falling into one of Zola’s traps.

Indestructible Hulk  (November)

  • Creative Team: Mark Waid, Leinil Yu
  • Waid promises a different take on Banner and Hulk, closer to what we saw in the Avengers film.
  • It will answer the quesiton of what the repercussions of AvX will be for Hulk
  • Banner wakes up when he’s not Hulk and realizes that people talk of him in the same breath as greats like Richards and Stark and wonders if he’s deserving of it.
  • He realizes that only Hulk (and not Banner himself) played a part in AvX and that he doesn’t want his gravestone to read “Hulk Smash.”
  • As Banner destroys, Hulk builds. Banner is going to work on actual things to make the world a better place, because he wants to prove to the world that he’s in the pantheon of Stark, Richards and Pym.
  • According to Waid, Hulk is not a bomb, but a cannon to be deployed as necessary.
  • Banner will have leverage on S.H.I.E.L.D. which will make dealing with them much easier.

Fantastic Four (November relaunch)

  • Creative Team: Matt Fraction, Mark Bagley
  • Focus will be back on family.
  • An event in the first issue causes Reed to realize that he’s lost sight of the need to connect with his children. This will spark a year-long family/homeschooling adventure.
  • The secret reason why he’s going this will be revealed.
  • The panel teased an RV IN SPACE. (Later, an audience member suggested the term “Fantasti-bago.)
  • The Fantastic Four (and children) will be gone for a year of their time, but were planning to be gone for only four minutes of Earth time. This doesn’t work out as planned.


  • Creative Team: Matt Fraction, Mike Allred
  • Special team created as a backup for the Fantastic Four just in case, to fill in for them while they’re away. However the Fantastic Four will be away longer than they in tended and the replacement team will have to step up and fill in.
  • The team will be She-Hulk, Miss Thing, Ant Man (Scott Lang) and Medusa
  • Every villain and malcontent the Fantastic Four have had will view this new team as a chance to step in and get payback.
  • The kids at the Future Foundation WILL still be in this story.

Thunderbolts (December 2012)

  • Creative Team: Daniel Way, Steve Dillon
  • Team will consist of Venom, Punisher, Red Hulk, Elektra and Deadpool
  • “Five really cool characters who will kill you if you deserve it.”
  • The first issue will deal with why they are a team and with the fact that Punisher (typically a loner) has chosen to join a team.
  • How well they get along will be addressed.

The Q&A also brought up some interesting points about Hulk. Waid says that there will not necessarily be a return to “black out Hulk.” It depends on how angry he gets when he Hulks out and works on a sliding scale. And while Hulk won’t be super eloquent, Waid also promises that there won’t be a return to “Cookie Monster” Hulk.

When asked about the lack of gender and race balance in what has been revealed about Marvel NOW! so far, the panel says that not every Avenger and character has been seen yet. There will be more of a balance later on once they get past the “Big Guns” and popular characters.  Alonso also teased two exciting women-character series. One is in the early stages of development, and the other will be a kick-ass girl team book.


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