NYCC: Saturday: Vertigo Celebrates 10 Years of Fables

Fables #125 cover

This panel celebrated 10 years of Fables wherein panelists talked about the past of Fables, the future of Fables and Fairest and what could have been. There was teasing, giveaways and an impromptu song. That’s just how they roll.

People Present:

Bill Willingham

  • Commented that 10 years is half the lifespan of Vertigo

Matthew Sturges

    • When prompted what his best/worst memory was he answers that it was when he was writing Jack of Fables 50 and all he could think was ‘The reads are going to hate this!” and they [the readers] did and we [he and Willingham] loved it.

Sean E. Williams

  • Writer of Fairest.
  • formerly worked in Hollywood which makes its business of making certain that no stories are told. Was poached for Fairest where suddenly his stories ARE being told.
  • Thought it was a joke for a year.

Phil Jiminez

  • Colorist

Shelley Bond

  • Vertigo editor, who proceeded to engage in witty banter down the table with Willingham

Cubs in Toyland Storyline

  • 2 parter coming up.
  • Greenish complexion for a character that is going to be significant
  • We will see Bigby’s past & one of Bigby’s children’s future.
  • Explains how magic works in the Fables universe.

Buffkin’s adventures in Oz

  • Shaun McMannus’ works
  • Issue #124
  • Will tie up the revolution in Oz
  • Then continues to tell the rest of Buffkin’s life.

Issue Eight of Fairest

  • Lauren Beukes
    • Willingham says that she was inflicted on him in a bar
    • She has won the Arthur C Clarke award
  • Steve Sidowski, Bill Humenas
    • Doing inks, getting 2 arcs in Fables
    • Issue #14 (Fairest)
  • Barry Kitson doing art with Bill Willingham writing.

Next up: Werewolves of the Heartland.

  • Craig Hamilton, Ray Snyder, Mark Farmer
  • Starts up November 14th

Also coming: Snow White is getting an arc named after her.

  • Will NOT spend the entire thing in bed like Rose Red did
  • However it should be noted that having an arc named after you means that things are going to get difficult for you

Also talked about a Fables event that takes place outside of the Fables universe.

  • The Unwritten creators are responsible for this
  • Unwritten #50 will feature Unwritten characters moving into the Fables universe.
  • NOT a crossover.
  • One or more Unwritten character finds a way into one or more of the Fables’ words
  • This event will last 5 issues
  • Mark Buckingham (colored&Inked)/Mike Gross (writing)

Fairest #11

Fables Con

When Fables was originally pitched the Adversary was going to be Peter Pan with Hook as the hero

  • Willingham found the fact that Peter took children and never grew up to be creepy.
  • Hard to get the rights, so it changed.

Bill doesn’t have any plans to bring back Charming.
Fables will return to NYC in #125. So be on the look out for that!



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