Best of 2012: Lina’s Picks

A lot happened this year in the geek world, and while it’s hard to distill the year down into a brief best of, we’re doing our best. Here are Lina’s favorite moments, comics and miscellany of 2012.

Mind the Gap


A comic that started its first issue with Lionel Richie’s “Hello” was never going to end up far from my best of list. I have a weakness for whodunits and this one has kept me guess. We’re not super far into it, but with compelling characters and a lot of possibilities I am determined to make my own private guesses and see how close I get. There is definitely more going on than meets the eye (and a lot meets the eye) which keeps me rereading and wondering if I missed something big. It’s been great.



I am not going to prattle on for too long about Brian K. Vaughan’s epic space opera since I don’t want to steal Angel’s thunder. However I will say that I am loving how it has taken sci-fi and fantasy tropes that I enjoyed else and managed to merge them in a way that struck me as being very human. It’s odd to suggest that a story featuring an unconventional conventional family has a very human core, but it does. You could strip it down to just ideas and place it anywhere which has made me tell my non-comic reading friends that they should really consider picking up a copy.  I want what’s best for Alana, Marko, and Hazel and I read every issue as if I’m coming back to something familiar and possibly heartbreaking. Plus the art is just stunning which is always a huge bonus in my book.



I am too young to remember the original Ghost series, but when I saw that Kelly Sue DeConnick and Phil Noto were going to be working on a title (and on a lady-led one to boot!) together I was completely sold . So far I haven’t been disappointed nor have I felt like I should go out and find the 90s series to get a clue as to what is going on. Finding a good jumping in point for a character is always hard, but Ghost started off in a way that was amazing accessible and memorable.  I feel like I am learning with the Ghost, piecing together a bigger story and that makes all of the characters all the more fascinating. Everything feels very real and fleshed out. Despite being, well, a ghost, the Ghost is a character in her own right and reading it leaves me feeling that lovely shiver down my spine as well as caring about her.

Plus it is set in Chicago! Hometown pride right there.

Doctor Who Star Trek TNG Crossover


It was silly lovely at first glimpse of a cover. I don’t normally read comics based on tv series (with the exception of the BtVS comics), but this was one that I just had to pick up. It brought the best of what I love about both shows, stuck them in a blender and provided me with a lot of fun.  It was everything that I could have asked for in a crossover (and made me wonder why I hadn’t asked for it sooner)

The Avengers


How could I not mention this? (The answer is that I couldn’t.) Oh this movie, how I loved it and how it managed to totally blow my mind. I still have some issues with how Marvel seems to be trying to shoehorn the MCU into 616 reality, but as far as movies go The Avengers was just plain fun. It was visually exciting and had fun stuff for my Avengers-comics-loving heart. Plus I got to see it for the first time with Angel which really only makes it more memorable. I don’t know what I can say that hasn’t already been said, but I am definitely on board for what’s ahead.

Honorable Mentions:

    • The Dark Knight Rises: Not my favourite of the Nolan Batman trilogy, but I definitely thought it was an interesting way to end it. There were some head-scratching moments and some stellar performances, but once I managed to check my over-thinking at the door it was a lot more fun. Plus it gave me several hours worth of conversations with my Batman-loving friends.
    • On that note I have been really enjoying Scott Snyder’s Death of the Family arc on Batman. It has caused me to go out and find back issues and immerse myself in what has been going on, which I have never done before on a DC title. Definitely enjoyable.
    • Hawkeye which has been amazing. I enjoy Renner’s portrayal of Clint, but this series has reminded why I love the 616 version so much.
    • Going to echo Chantaal’s praise of Gail Simone and her grace during the firing/re-hiring saga. Plus she was great on Batgirl #0
    • Keiron Gillen’s run on Journey into Mystery which made me both love Kid!Loki and then destroyed my heart in one fell swoop. Congratulations, sir.
    • A v X which I enjoyed for its ability to make me pick up a dozen extra titles, the digital extras and the fact that it spawned some serious great fan reactions.
    • Fairest which brought me back to Vertigo and the Fables universe and has been a ton of fun in a way that makes me wonder why I ever stopped reading.

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  1. Skye says:

    I’ve only read the issues of Mind the Gap collected in the first trade, but I’m loving it!

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