Chantaal’s Comics to Look Forward to in 2013

This is a bit late since we’re already in February, but between classes and work it’s hard to stay on top of my comic reading, let alone find new things to read. But I do, and my poor bank account weeps every Wednesday. Below, you’ll find some of the comics I’m looking forward to or I’m already reading in 2013.

First, I want to say that I’m leaving out the most obvious books you would expect, which are mainly the big Marvel and DC books. Or books we’ve already babbled on about in detail here (like Hawkeye, Saga, Captain Marvel, Young Avengers…) I’m going for books recently started that I’ve only just discovered, or books not released yet.


Damsels #1

Damsels started late last year (we’re up to issue 5 last I read), but I only discovered and read it couple weeks ago. Set in a fairy tale world with Disney princesses such as Rapunzel, Snow White, Aurora and The Little Mermaid, Damsels flips the fairy tales on their heads and produces a really interesting and fun way of looking at the stories of our childhood.

I’ll always be a fan of something that inverts expected stereotypes and fairy tales, but Damsels does it in a way that incredibly compelling. You’re thrown right into the thick of things, and the story expects you to be smart enough to keep up, which I love. Aneke’s art is fresh and fitting, and the writing by Leah Moore and John Reppion is engaging.

I’m just going to ignore some of the covers.

Damsels is published by Dynamite Comics.

I Love Trouble

I Love Trouble #1

Take one POC, balls to the wall, f*ck you at first sight female lead, add a dash of super power without super heroes, throw in a pinch of mobsters, add art that could fit in with the graffiti in any city, and you’ve got I Love Trouble.

I picked up the first two issues on a whim because I was absolutely captivated by Mark A. Robinson’s art. Kel Symons introduces Felicia’s story at a quick pace, and builds up a whole world around her before the first issue is over. It’s a great little gem and one that quickly made its way onto my pull list.

I Love Trouble is published by Image Comics.

Check under the cut for a bunch more comics because I’m so freaking excited for 2013! 

Five Ghosts

Five Ghosts ad

“A BOLD NEW ERA OF PULP ADVENTURE COMICS BEGINS HERE,” Five Ghosts claims, and I am so excited. The image above is not the cover for the first issue but the ad I saw in another comic, and I knew I needed to read it the second I saw what Five Ghosts is about. Fabian Gray is a) a badass name, b) looks badass, and c) can access the abilities of five other badasses.

Hopefully it lives up, because I will be sorely disappointed if it doesn’t.

Five Ghosts: The Haunting of Fabian Gray will be published by Image Comics and begins March 2013.

Pretty Deadly

Pretty Deadly

I haven’t found my info on Pretty Deadly so far, but I don’t really need it. Kelly Sue DeConnick has been knocking it out of the park at Marvel with Captain Marvel and Avengers Assemble. She’s very quickly become one of my favorite writers and someone I’ll read a book from no matter what it is. Add Emma Rios’ art and you’ve got a book I can’t miss.

Pretty Deadly will be published by Image comics.

Leaving Megalopolis

Leaving Megalopolis

What kind of list would this be without Gail Simone and Jim Calafiore’s record breaking Kickstarter? I threw my money at it the second I heard about the Kickstarter because it’s Gail Simone and Jim Calafiore, and I didn’t need any other reason.

Leaving Megalopolis is creator owned and will be released in 2013.



I picked this up because Lina mentioned it in her Best of 2012 list, and I was not disappointed. How could I be, with Kelly Sue DeConnick? Seriously, my writing crush on Kelly Sue just keeps growing and growing. I’ve always loved Phil Noto’s art as well, which makes for a book that, while only a few issues in, has become one of my current faves.

Ghost is published by Dark Horse Comics.


X-Men by the Dodsons

This list wouldn’t be complete without me mentioning how freaking excited I am for Marvel’s new all female X-Men book! I’m sure we’re all putting a ton of trust in Brian Wood to give life to our favorite X-Men, especially as we all probably grew up with half this team. (Personally, I want to be both Rogue and Storm growing up.) I’m loving Storm’s new look, Psylocke in PANTS, and Jubes and Kitty on the same team. There’s so much to love and look forward to!

The Fearless Defenders

Fearless Defenders


This post has gotten long enough, so here’s a quick cover gallery of other comics I’m really looking forward to reading in 2013 (this includes comics already out that I haven’t gotten around to yet):

 princeless phonogrampromo

 mollydanger lazarus

guardians greatpacific

I’m always looking for new comics to check out, so please let me know if there’s something coming out in 2013 you absolutely think I should read!

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  1. Ritch says:

    Looking forward to a lot of these titles myself. First time I heard about Pretty Deadly though, so thanks for bringing it to my attention!

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