Best Comics We’re Reading: I Love Trouble

Best Comics We’re Reading is a new series featuring comics we’re currently enjoying. 

I Love Trouble

I Love Trouble #1

Story: Kel Symons
Art: Mark A. Robinson
Publisher: Image
Price: $2.99

Take one POC, balls to the wall, f*ck you at first sight female lead, add a dash of super power without super heroes, throw in a pinch of mobsters, art that could fit in with the graffiti in any city, and you’ve got I Love Trouble.

I picked up the first two issues on a whim because I was absolutely captivated by Mark A. Robinson’s art. Whenever I look at it – from the characters to the background work – I feel like I’m looking at gorgeous graffiti art. Something that could have been spray painted on a building overnight and instead of rolling your eyes as you walk by, you kind of have to stop and admire it for a second. Robinson does great work with transitions, action, movement, and tells a story when there is no script. It feels chaotic at times, but it works with the story and the characters.

I Love Trouble art     I Love Trouble art

 Speaking of characters, our anti-heroine Felicia is fantastic. She’s ferocious, an unapologetic bad girl in an unapologetic world. Caught up with a New Orleans mob boss, Felicia tries to run away but ends up discovering she has a super power as she wishes she weren’t seated in a plane about to crash. Kel Symons introduces Felicia’s story at a quick pace, and builds up a whole world around her before the first issue is over. It’s a great little gem and one that quickly made its way onto my pull list.

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