Webcomic Wednesday: Twitter: The Comic!

Webcomic Wednesdays is a weekly feature here at Girls Read Comics Too. Each week, we like to shine a spotlight on one of the webcomics that we happen to keep up with on the interwebs.

I’m such a fan of all the little comics that are popping up nowadays in places like tumblr. I highlighted Horse_eComics  a few months ago, and I have something similar this week.

As described by the artist of most of the comics,  Mike Rosenthal, (@vectorbelly), Twitter: the Comic is “a collection of comics based on the greatest tweets of our generation. The source material is used verbatim, typos and all. Despite the seemingly random nature of the tweets, the comic has reoccurring characters and story arcs that aren’t fully understood unless experienced through a single reading.

I came across this comic sometime about a week ago (after I kept seeing it reblogged on my tumblr dash) and while it seems to be relatively new, the concept is hilarious. Much in the vein of Horse eComics, Twitter: The Comic is inspired by ridiculous tweets (though they’re not provided by a twitterbot).  The art is fun and colorful and I love that it’s become more and more common for webcomics to sometimes add a bit of animation to them for emphasis.

But as demonstrated by the comic below, it’s not recommended for younger readers, as it’s just as unfiltered at times as Twitter itself can be.



Are you the creator of a webcomic? Do you have a webcomic that you love and think more people should check out? Then drop us a line either here in the comments or shoot us an email! We’re always looking for new things to read and get excited about!

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