We Make Avengers Inspired Make Up Palettes!

I am a make up junkie. That’s just a fact. Inglot Cosmetics have always been a company I’ve eyed for a while because I’ve always heard good things about them, and they have an awesome customize it yourself freedom system of building palettes. Once the website Beautylish began to sell Inglot (making it easier for American people to buy), everyone began to have fun making their own themed palettes – and then I thought, WHY NOT AVENGERS PALETTES?

So my crazy fun began. Below are Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Hulk. And a bonus Captain Marvel, just because.

Captain America (Link)


Red, white and blue and American as apple pie. Threw in the red as a lipstick to make it more workable as a palette.

Thor (Link)


Thor was a little tougher, but I essentially went with his color palette/lightning theme.

Iron Man (Link)


The obvious armor color are here, but with some nudes to anchor it.

Black Widow (Link)


Darkness and a touch of light.

Hawkeye (Link)


I had to go with comics Hawkeye here, because I love purples. I’m actually saving this link to buy in the future.

Hulk (Link)


Hulk is always tough because of the obvious greens/purples, but I like this palette. The lipstick and concealer (in my own shade, you can switch that out) are for those days you can’t help but hulk out.

Captain Marvel (Link)


Carol surrounded by the sky and the stars.

About Chantaal

A book reading, nail polish hoarding, makeup loving, TV marathoning, comic book talking Philosophy major. I want to be Rashida Jones when I grow up.
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