Countdown to San Diego: Lina’s Favorite Moments


Countdown to SDCC

San Diego Comic Con is just around the corner, and the three of us here at GRCT are going to be counting down to it with a series of posts. Look for them every Wednesday leading up to preview night in San Diego!

 Unlike Chantaal and Angel, I have a lot less SDCC experience to pull from. Despite having purchased a badge back to attend back in 2009, life happened and I was unable to make the trek. Unwilling to be beaten, I made it to the con in 2011 where I had a blast (even if it was pretty much exhausting).

I had been to cons before, but never this particular con which was totally unlike any other convention experience I had had up to that time. It is one of those ‘believe it when you see it’ sort of events, where it doesn’t matter how many different fan-based cons or large scale events you’ve been to in the past, the stories really don’t do SDCC justice. However I will try to share something in the way of stories.

What will now be referred to as the Great McCann Hunt where @leshiaaimee and I (or rather she mostly did and I lurked along for the ride) spent a sizable chunk of time haunting Artists’ Alley so that she could have Jim McCann’s signature to go along with Janet Lee’s in her copy of Return of the Dapper Men. By the end of it I was able to find nearly anyone over there (useful when my friends wanted to know if someone was there) and got to see and meet a lot of cool artists. Everyone who attends SDCC should spend at least a little time over there. It’s great. It was also how I wound up meeting Christina Strain and getting clued into the different places Runaways could have gone had it not been cancelled as well as introduced to her amazing web-comic The Fox Sister.

Perhaps the best known (at least amongst my circle) SDCC adventure from that year (and one of my favorites) was the Game of Thrones panel. It was just after the first season so it was still being held in Ballroom 20 and we had camped out for a sizable chunk of time to get in. I had left and come back meaning I waited in line twice. Like most panels, there was a chunk of time set aside for questions and I had declared that I was going to ask one. When it was my turn before I even started I said something fairly recognizable to those who have read the books (or now, have seen the series). I stood up there and said ,”Jon Snow, you know nothing” to a completely bewildered Kit Harington who had no idea what I was talking about because he hadn’t yet read the books/seen season 2’s scripts to know what I was talking about. Heck, Ygritte hadn’t even been cast yet. Immediately after that I asked a question, the answer to which wound up turning up in most of the write-ups about that panel, which was how each of the actors would end the series if they could. Definitely a colorful variety of answers which I seriously enjoyed (as did most people there). This panel also had the habit of haunting me for months later by people who hadn’t even been there, texting me and saying that they had seen me on HBO and wanted to know what was going on. Definitely memorable.

If you want to check out that particular portion, you can find it here. I didn’t climb into the YouTube for it but Angel did so I’ll give her a round of applause. Because that’s a heroic act in and of itself.

There were also a heap of completely random, utterly fantastic moments that I’d be remiss if I didn’t throw in at least a mention such as:

    • Watching The Middleman’s Javi hunt down Angel at SlamCon and turn up with a plastic sword strapped to his back.
    • Walking right into Lost’s Jorge Garcia and Fringe’s  Jasika Nicole and not even realizing it was them until after I opened my mouth to call them off for not watching where they’re going (I didn’t, thank goodness, also because I’m fairly certain it was my fault).
    • Grant Morrison in an elevator and trying to keep our collective cools.
    • Just walking into Hall H and finding The Immortals panel going on and no one else around. Pretty people!
    • Pretty much all of the random celebrity encounters. (Except maybe being in an elevator with one of the guys from Twilight. So many fangirls!)
    • Meeting a ton of fantastic people! Fellow fans unite! Also seeing the fabulous cosplays  always leaves me in awe of the collective talent as well as introduces me to a lot of new fandoms.

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