C Reads Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters

Over the past couple of months I’ve done a lot of trade collecting, Comixology buying, and research into the history of certain characters. It started with Green Arrow, thanks to my love for the Arrow TV show. I’ve always had a soft spot for Ollie, but the show finally gave me the push I needed to get into reading him.  This new series will feature my thoughts on what I’m reading. Green Arrow is only the first; I plan on reading some Superman stories next.

GA Longbow HuntersGreen Arrow: The Longbow Hunters
Writing & Art: Mike Grell

I decided to start off with one of the most critically acclaimed GA stories out there, and one of the first recommended to me when I asked for GA stories. Longbow Hunters was written in 1987 (I was two!) and is very dated in its look and plot , but as a character piece, it still holds up.

The Oliver featured in this is a more grown up, 40 year old Oliver who wants to settle down and is a bit more contemplative on what his life and his actions as a hero mean. Joining him is Dinah Lance, of course, and I’ve always enjoyed their relationship. It’s interesting to see how it plays out here minus their usual playful, flirty tone.

Also fantastic is the spotlight on Shado. I hadn’t read much GA at all before this, so I only knew Shado existed via Arrow. (And what a different character that is.) I found her backstory entirely fascinating, and she truly rose as the star of this story for me.

Theeennnnn we get to the part of the plot I really didn’t like, which involved Dinah being captured as a way to spark some angst and add some (more!) darkness to the story. Why’d Dinah have to go from  investigating a story on her own because she’s a BAMF to being captured, hurt, displayed near naked, and having Ollie to go in and save her? So much face palming.

Apart from that one little detail, Longbow Hunters is definitely a story I’d recommend for any Green Arrow fans looking for heavier fare. It’s dated, but the art (I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned the art yet!) is gorgeous and its totally worth it for Shado’s back story.

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1 Response to C Reads Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters

  1. Skye says:

    Yeah, the guy at my LCS was all “I am happy to lend this book to you so you can see if you like it BUT I HAVE TO WARN YOU about how they treat Dinah!”

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