Reader Spotlight: Strawdoll


Today’s spotlight is on Strawdoll, a 23 year old graphic designer from Sydney, Australia.

You can find her on Facebook at strawdoll or robinsofwayne, and on tumblr at strawdolly.


How did you get into comics?

My fandoms actually started from Harry Potter, anime/manga and video games! While I used to watch The Adventures of Lois and Clark and Batman movies when I was a kid, I only just started reading more comics around two years ago, after Jill recommended I read Batman: Year One and a Long Halloween. From there I went on to the Robins and Batgirl stories, as well as other Gotham residents like Huntress and the Gotham Sirens! I’ve picked up some Marvel titles after the Avengers movie came out too – I’m fond of Loki.

Do you just read comics, or do you express your love in other ways?

I’m a cosplayer, I really enjoy looking at the different versions of each characters and making them real. I’m also a cosplay photographer. I love the challenges of replicating comic book scenes and portraying the different aspects of the characters, and working width action poses you may not get with other genres.

If I get time I like to draw too!

What are some comics you’re currently reading and enjoying?

I’ve been following new Hawkeye, Batman & Robin and World’s Finest with Helena Wayne and Karen Starr. I really love those little interactions between Damian and Helena!

Who is your favorite character?

It’s hard for me to pick favourites because it’s the dynamics between characters that I love! I may also be slightly partial to villains. Their backgrounds always intrigue me.

Who are your favorite artist(s) & writer(s)?

Jim Chueng, Stanley Lau, Adam Hughes, Dustin Nguyen, Marcus To are some of my favourite artists! On writers, I’m not sure if I’ve read enough to form favorites yet, but I do enjoy Grant Morrison’s work so far.

Do you have a favorite comic storyline?

I think what I like the most is origin stories. The hero’s journey and character development is the most engaging in these kind of stories.

How do you usually buy your comics? 

I like to buy trade paperbacks – more durable than a single issue, and more tangible than a digital. There’s something nicer about holding a comic book in your hands and putting your full focus on the story and artwork.

What are some things you love about comics? Some things that frustrate you?

Sometimes the misrepresentation of gender and gender roles frustrate me with how backwards the thinking is – it’s 2013, people, times have changed, your audience has changed. It also frustrates me how little people realise it too.

I like that there are different iterations of the same characters over different universes and that different writers are interpreting them all in their own ways and they are accepted as canon. It’s rare to find such flexible treatments of characters, because books and film and games are normally just one-off representations.

What does your dream book look like? 

Scott Snyder and Adam Hughes do a story on Gotham Villains daily lives. It’d be a really different take, and Snyder has mentioned in an interview he tries to go for a perfect mix of wondrous and nightmarish.

Any final thoughts?

The world of comics is certainly different to the world of anime and manga, it’s refreshing to see them because of the cultures they were born from! Delving in further is definitely something I’ll be doing, I think I want to read more classic titles and stories. 


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