Webcomic Wednesday: Altar Girl

Webcomic Wednesdays is a feature here at Girls Read Comics Too. We like to shine a spotlight on one of the webcomics that we happen to keep up with on the interwebs.


Altar Girl is a cute little comic whose existence I was completely unaware of until the creator dropped us a line in our inbox. Now that I’ve read it, I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t stumble upon it myself (though a little nudging is always nice). The upside is that since I was a little late to the party there were more pages for me to read as I binged my way through it.

Telling the story of Ashley Altars, a Catholic school girl with a massive crush on the most popular guy in school whose life takes a turn for the strange when a twin pair of angels and a ghost descend on her life all due to a key necklace she’s had since she was a kid. Now she has to balance the rigors of high school and the meddling of otherworldly creatures, some of whom want to help and some who don’t.

I don’t typically read manga or manga-style comics, but I wasn’t going to let a little detail like past preference stop me. What I found was a lovingly crafted, fun little webcomic that I’m eager to see continue. Part of me is a little disappointed that it is only updated once a month, but that’s okay since the updates usually come in bigger doses.

At its heart, Altar Girl is cross between a love story and a coming of age story. There’s angels and demons and a guy who died and was transported across time, all of which serve to add a little something extra to the typical teen flair. Don’t let the art or the fluffy seeming exterior cause you to shy away. What’s inside packs a relatable punch to those who spent any time in high school (or now) wishing that they had something bigger than themselves meddling to ensure their happiness. It’s a bit of wishfulment, but in a good way. It was the perfect antidote to the post-holiday blues that I found myself dealing with.

Altar Girl was created, drawn and written by Kata Kane. Read at altar-girl.com.

It’s worth a peek!

Are you the creator of a webcomic? Do you have a webcomic that you love and think more people should check out? Then drop us a line either here in the comments or shoot us an email! We’re always looking for new things to read and get excited about!

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2 Responses to Webcomic Wednesday: Altar Girl

  1. Kata says:

    Thanks for the review Lina! Really appreciate it, and so glad you enjoyed reading!

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