Webcomic Wednesday: Pumpkin Spiced

Webcomic Wednesdays is a weekly feature here at Girls Read Comics Too. Each week, we like to shine a spotlight on one of the webcomics that we happen to keep up with on the interwebs.


Pumpkin Spiced is an adorable little webcomic. Okay, maybe calling it “little” when it is already on its fifth issue and has two volumes in paperback isn’t exactly accurate, but somehow the adjective still feels fitting. Despite the longevity of the webcomic, there is a closeness to both the characters and the story that makes the reading experience an intimate one.

Through the entire length of my binge read I felt like I was being allowed to be a fly on the wall witness to the lives of Violett, Penelope, and Isabell. Despite the supernatural elements of the story (Penelope is a zombie and their neighbor Skarlett is a vampire), everything feels grounded. The creator, Paige Lavoie, was the one who dropped a little note about this comic into our inbox and I am eternally grateful to her for it. This was the perfect remedy for a stressful work week, being both sweet and funny all in one go.  Each page is laid out in a way that makes it easy to read, the cute drawings colored in a pastel, almost watercolor style that is different from other comics I have seen on the web.

If you’re in the mood for a little Halloween fun, despite the season, then I recommend taking a look in on the lives of two sisters and their housekeeper as they cope with roommates and being young adults with a twist. If you’re anything like me, then you’ll spend some quality time wondering where you can find a pumpkin spice latte in April just so that you can fit right in (preferably in a panda mug).

Pumpkin Spiced can be found at pumpkinspiced.com.  Paige Lavoie can be found on twitter @pumpkin_spiced.

Are you the creator of a webcomic? Do you have a webcomic that you love and think more people should check out? Then drop us a line either here in the comments or shoot us an email! We’re always looking for new things to read and get excited about!

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7 Responses to Webcomic Wednesday: Pumpkin Spiced

  1. K. Guillory says:

    Hi! I have a webcomic! It’s called Blood Money, and it was originally published as a graphic novel last year. We have a lot of books to publish though, so to grow our readership, we’ve decided to re-syndicate as a webcomic. If you visit ashurcollective.com , you’ll see it on the landing page.

    Summary: “Juste and Jack are two cocaine dealers who don’t get along. One’s a strict A-type with a gambling problem, the other’s a recently-turned vampire who’s horribly irresponsible. But when they visit Detroit for an easy payoff, they’re forced to put aside their differences in order to recover a treasure of stolen cash.”

    Also, our company is entirely female.

    Thank you so much for considering our comic!

  2. Paige Lavoie says:

    Thank you so much for the review Lina! You seriously made my entire week. <3

  3. Hi! I also have a comic: http://theworldisyours.smackjeeves.com/ It’s about… aliens… and bickering.

    Thanks for bringing Pumpkin Spiced to my attention, it looks really cute! I’ll have to check it out!

    • Lina says:

      Thanks for the comment and the link to the comic! I am always game to discover/promote more webcomics so I am definitely going to give it a whirl!

  4. miranalini says:

    Nice. My niece would definitely love this story from where should i get these comic books.

  5. You have concluded the entire review in the first sentence… yes it is indeed the most adorable comic ever featured :) Pumpkin Spiced has that clinch of cuteness, innocent and warmth that is required for eternal peace. Thanks for sharing a similar thought, I am sure your Wednesday reviews will help my preparation for listing top 100 webcomics in my site.

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