What We’re Reading Wednesday

Wednesday! Glorious comic book day! Check out our post to see what we’re looking forward to reading this week, and let us know what you’re picking up as well.

Our most pulled of the week wasn’t even a contest.

sexcriminals_07Sex Criminals #7
Story: Matt Fraction
Art: Chip Zdarsky
Publisher: Image Comics

Jon breaks into Kegelface’s house and oh my golly what on EARTH do you think he finds there. Not only are our beloved Sex Criminals not alone…they’re not unwatched, either.

And Suzie learns once and for all the fate of her precious library.


  • Sex Criminals #7: How dare Fraction and Zdarsky think they have any right to create a comic about sex that is surprisingly good, heartfelt, and funny?detail
  • Shutter #5: I’m still trying to feel my way around the world building in this book, but it’s so wacky and charming that I can’t help pick it up every month.
  • Captain Marvel #6: Naturally.
  • Original Sin #7: Nick Fury, you wily bastard. This is all shaping up to be one of the better Marvel events in recent history. I really just want to see where it all ends.
  • Spider-Man 2099 #2: Finally read the first issue and I’m really curious to see where this series goes.
  • X-Men #18: The last arc ended with a bit of whimper, so I’m glad to see a new arc begin – especially if S.W.O.R.D. and the Shi’ar are coming back into play.


  • Sex Criminals #7: Hoo boy. Sex Criminals #6 surprised me in a big way. Not that I wasn’t expecting it to be a great issue, but the story turned in a way that completely gutted me. For a book that has me laughing at dick jokes more than I want to admit, it can also be incredibly raw. While all of my books this week are ones that I’ll read immediately, this one goes first. And the fact that there’s actually a main character named Kegelface will always make me laugh.
  • Captain Marvel #6: This one seems primed to be a fighty-fighty issue, and I’m super excited about it.
  • All-New X-Men #30: Bendis, what are you doing? I’m waiting out the stuff with Laura, because you can’t really predict where a story is going until it gets there sometimes, but I am super skeptical right now.


  • Sex Criminals #7: I am so behind on this series (like four issues, it’s starting to becomeOriginal-Sin-7-Cover-335df embarrassing). I plan on finally kicking my own ass and binge reading it, which could either go super well or super terribly…
  • All New X-Men #30: I will only continue to support this trend of X-23 macking on original X-Men if Jean’s the next one. That’s only fair, right?
  • Captain Marvel #6: Bring me my Captain Marvel!
  • Original Sin #7I’m antsy to see how well I’ve been doing guessing who did what. I’m totally prepared to throw all my speculation right out the window though when the last panel shows us that it was… GROOT! (Not really. Please not really.)


  • Red Sonja #11: I’ve been a fan of Dynamite’s various Red Sonja series for nearly ten years now, through a lot of ups and downs.  Simone’s run has been, on the whole, a pretty firm ‘up.’Red Sonja 11
  • Judge Dredd: Anderson, Psi Division #1: Wholly unfamiliar with the creative team, but I’ve been digging most of IDW’s Dredd stuff, so I’ll definitely be giving it a go, mouthful of a title and all.
  • Star Trek #36: As underwhelmed as I’ve been by IDW’s NuTrek stuff, you can’t put Q and Sisko in a comic and not expect me to bite.
  • Sex Criminals #7: Funny, moving, real and yet totally weird, this comic is so very much my jam that it almost hurts.
  • Amazing X-Men #10: Thoroughly unimpressed with where this arc has gone (more fridging from Yost, surprise surprise), but we’ll see how things progress.
  • Nightcrawler #5: Every issue seems to just be more of the same, but as long as the same is this fun, I can sit back and let it slide.
  • X-Force #8: The eight hundred recent relaunches have left me wholly indifferent to X-Force as a team, but PETE WISDOM.
  • X-Men #18: Fingers crossed that the new creative team can breathe some life into this ‘should be so much better than it is’ title.  Hopes, I have them!


  • Sex Criminals #7: What Chantaal said. It’s wacky but it’s deep! It’s… a lot of things that have been said about it on any given website. You’ve heard of it. It won awards and stuff.detail
  • All-New X-Men #30: Why with the cover. Why. Why with the throwing X-23 at every available original X-Person? Cyke, now Angel, what is with that. It’s weird. Stop it.
  • Original Sin #7: With two issues to go, the last page reveal can finally be whodunit, right? I’m ready to know whodunit, let’s stop marking time.
  • Ultimate FF #6: With this ending, Fialkov appears to just be going wild. Last issue, Ultimate Spider-Ham, Galactypus, and Sue doing… something… to Reed. This issue: Pregnancy??? And then we just wait to find out if they’re adding more Ultimate titles or what the deal is.


  • Sex Criminals #7: Never did I ever expect that I’d get so invested in a book that featured a man pooping in a potted plant, I’m just saying.4024184-06
  • Avengers World #11: I just really want to know what the heck the Next Avengers kids are gonna get up to and hope their story is elaborated on this week.
  • Captain Marvel #6: I’m really digging this current arc.
  • Original Sin #7: I’ve said it pretty much every week an issue of this is out, but I am LOVING this event.
  • ULTIMATE F.F. #6: This book is not exactly a favourite, but the utter insanity of #5 makes me want to know what the hell Fialkov will come up with next. I somehow doubt it’ll beat Ducktor Doom and Galactypus, but I’m willing to be surprised.

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