What We’re Reading Wednesday

Wednesday! Glorious comic book day! Check out our post to see what we’re looking forward to reading this week, and let us know what you’re picking up as well.

Our pick of the week:

Thor #1Thor #1
Story: Jason Aaron
Art: Russell Dauterman
Publisher: Marvel Comics

  • The great hammer MJOLNIR lies on the moon, unable to be lifted by anyone in all the heavens! Even THOR!
  • Something dark has befallen the God of Thunder, leaving him weakened and for the first time in forever… UNWORTHY!
  • But when Frost Giants invade the Earth, the hammer will be lifted and an all-new Thor will arise! A Thor unlike any we’ve ever seen before!
  • Who is this new GODDESS OF THUNDER? Not even Odin knows!


  • Gotham Academy #1: I had no idea this was even a thing, but I just skimmed the preview and I want it.
  • Rat Queens #8: Rat Queens week, woo!GOTHAC-Cv1-ds-43a8e
  • Black Widow #11: “Black Widow takes X-23 punching,” says the solicit, and THAT IS ALL I NEED.
  • Bucky Barnes TWS #1: While I didn’t quite enjoy the recent Winter Soldier mini, I’m really looking forward to this series. Bucky in Space! (The more I look at the cover, the more it freaks me out, though.)
  • Moon Knight #8: I’m giving it until issue 10 for this team to wow me, but I’m afraid Ellis ruined me for Moon Knight. He tends to do that.
  • Thor #1: Excited to see how this all plays out, and I’m grateful that my university quarter starts this week so I ‘ll be too busy to torture myself by reading certain parts of the internet’s views on female Thor.
  • X-Men #20: Stuff’s happening, I guess? I was excited for this arc, but not much has gone on for me to be excited about it much.


  • Thor #1: I’ve yet to read a Thor ongoing. While I really enjoy Thor in the MCU, there’s something about the comic book that has never quite grabbed me. That said, I’m really looking forward to giving this book a shot.
  • Gotham Academy #1: Between this and Batgirl, I may finally be dipping my toe back into reading DC. I’m always up for a good teen ensemble book. That’s pretty much the definition of my jam.
  • Black Widow #11Marjorie Liu and Phil Noto’s run on X-23’s solo title is some of my favorite comic stuff released in the last decade, so this was always going to be my pick of the week. Right before that title was released, they hinted at a Black Widow and X-23 mentor/mentee relationship and never quite got there. I’m really looking forward to this one.
  • Death of Wolverine #3: I’ve really just got to see this one through to the end.
  • Legendary Star-Lord #4: Still horribly behind on this one, here’s hoping I catch up this week, because I really like what I’ve read of this title so far, and I really love Peter Quill.


  • Kill Shakespeare Mask of Night #4: I do love a good ending and Kill Shakespeare has shown itself capable of deftly finishing arcs in the past. Nothing spoils a short run series for me like an abrupt ending that seems like someone yelled CUT! mid scene. With Mask of Night really running on all engines, I’m exciting to see how it ends…and what comes next.
  • Thor #1: thor1_fionastaplesvariantI just want this title to be half  as good as I imagine it can be. That’s just it. There is so much potential that if Marvel can just step away from the PR push and let Jason Aaron do what I believe he’s capable of, then it can be a great title. I have already rambled away at my thoughts about the direction Thor is going by who is going to pick up the hammer and I’ll stand firm. So long as nothing is done to Strong Female Character this Thor then we’ll be good to go. So bring up the hyped up expectations!
  • Black Widow #11: Everything about the previews has made me even more excited for something I was already jazzed for. TEAM UP OF THE YEAR!
  • Bucky Barnes Winter Soldier #1: Ah, everything is broken, including Bucky. Let’s see how this goes. Hopefully not same song, different artists…
  • Legendary Star-Lord #4: So a couple of weeks ago I found myself binge-reading the first three issues. Now I’m bouncing around, waiting for this one. And now it’s here! Plus I’m shipping Kitty Pryde/Peter Quill like I’m 12 years old again. Oops.


  • Usagi Yojimbo: Senso #3: I am loving this series, and kinda hope Sakai continues to explore this 20-year time jump after it ends?  Though a satisfying conclusion would hardly surprise me at this point, this is just good comic right here, aliens and all.
  • Fairest #30: Sometimes I think that I’m gonna miss this title more than Fables, but that may simply have to do with how fresh it feels with a different voice behind the scripts, as opposed to actual comparative quality.  Either way, farm shenanigans continue to be a lot of fun!132_Cover
  • Squidder #4: I just received my hardcover of the entire collection in the mail this week, and oof, does it end on a high note.
  • Rat Queens #8: I love everything this book continues to be, this wonderful synergy of story and characters and art and jokes and drugs and swords and axes and sex and why isn’t it out all the time?
  • Walking Dead #132: Gosh, these last few issues have been busy.  I get it, there’s a lot of new status quo to establish, but there’s so much disparate character stuff going on all at once that I never quite know what to focus on.  Still, lots of interesting happenings, I’m absolutely in love with older Sophia, am dying to see where this stuff with Maggie goes, and hopefully Kirkman gets right to the point in revealing where Michonne got off to.
  • Thor #1: My biggest fear with this title is that they’re going to string us along as to the identity of the new Thor for as long as they can possibly milk the mystery until OH MY GOD WHO EVEN CARES THAT MUCH, Red Hulk style, but I’ll certainly check it out before judging.


  • Gotham Academy #1: I like teenage school shenanigans, and I like superheroes, so I’m interested to see what the deal here is. Is it Gotham Central but with sassy teens? Is it Morning Glories but with sassy Batman? Let’s find out!
  • rq8RAT QUEENS #8: Rat Queens is my pick of the week? Must be a week in which Rat Queens comes out. (Which are not nearly as common as I’d like.) Which reminds me that I should go back and reread to pay more attention to the guard lady who last issue turned out to be an ABSOLUTE BOSS. In the meantime: Rat Queens vs tentacles.
  • Miracleman #11: This thing is weird as hell. Probably not news to anyone! Probably not even news to me. I have no further comment on it.
  • Moon Knight #8: I can’t really recall what happened in #7, so I guess the shine is gone. Maybe I just skimmed it when I read it, so I’ll give it another issue and see if it grabs me.
  • Thor #1: I love Jason Aaron’s stuff, so I’ve got good expectations for this new lady Thor business (even if I think the costume ain’t great). Hopefully the Aaron-era Thor trend of being completely metal will continue with the new protagonist.


  • BUCKY BARNES: THE WINTER SOLDIER #1: I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS4077931-bucky_barnes_the_winter_soldier_1_cover TITLE, AHHH. Thus far, I’ve managed to keep my Bucky love more or less on the down low, but now that he’s back in his new ongoing — and how jazzed am I that they’re building on the best part of Latour’s run, which I liked to call BUCKY BARNES: SPACE ASSASSIN — my extreme love for Bucky Barnes will rear its head at least once a month for the foreseeable future.
  • …is there anything else coming out this week? Ha ha, I kid.
  • Thor #1: Straight up: the marketing of this book really turned me off and the costume could have been stronger. If this wasn’t a continuation of the story started in Thor: God of Thunder, I probably wouldn’t be all that interested, honestly, but as a huge fan of Aaron’s tale of many Thors, I’ll keep buying regardless of the off-putting marketing.
  • Captain America #25: Remender lost me for a while, but now that Ian is back in the picture, so has my interest. I’m not sure why the idea of Steve having a son appeals to me so much, but it’s a neat wrinkle, and I’m curious to see how future writers will run with that idea.

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