Let’s Talk Marvel’s Secret Wars

MARVEL-SECRET-WARS_612x466Two weeks ago at NYCC, Marvel went on bit of an ongoing event announcement binge. While news about what’s next for the MCU was a bit hard to come by (to our continued disappointment), the revelation of two major events to come in 2015 has given us something to chew on — especially since the titles of both hint to a possible rehash of previous crossovers. We’re going to take a little time to talk about both, but first up is Secret Wars.

Secret Wars will be penned by Jonathan Hickman (Avengers and New Avengers) with art by Esad Ribic (Thor: God of Thunder). The planned launch date is May 2015.

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LinaI  have only the briefest of recollections of the original Secret Wars. When it tore through the collected pages of Marvel, I wasn’t even alive let alone reading comics. By the time I ran across it while riffling through back issues at a used book store, I only squinted at the covers and then moved on. At the time I had much bigger comic fish to fry and since it didn’t involve a ton of legwork by the X-Men I frankly didn’t care. Years later I would correct this during a summer where I feverishly (and insanely) decided to read all of the big crossover arcs of the last thirty years. I mostly was left wondering why bother? The later “Fall of the Mutants” event has a bigger place in my heart when it comes to 80s comics.

Since nostalgia is oh-so-in these days, I can’t help but wonder how much of this is a play on that. Fans who were kids the first time around have the potential for positive memories so going after a second coming is a solid financial bet. I don’t think it’ll have the same “let’s get them to buy ALL the merchandise” bent as the first one, but I still am preemptively wondering why they’re bothering at all.

The initial premises that are floating around do have me slightly intrigued. I love a good pan-dimensional bout of crazy. It’s kind of why I dug DC’s Crisis (all of them). However I wish they’d focus more on individual titles, rather than universe-eating arcs that have this annoying tendency to eat good characterization like they’re Galactus.

Moral of the story: I’ll read it, just like I read Civil War  and Years of Future Past. I’m just more excited for Attilan Rising than I am for this.

The original Secret Wars, in all of its cash-grab, gotta-sell-those-toys glory, was really my first big Marvel event. Not because I read those comics first, granted, but because the series was loosely adapted for the nineties Spider-Man cartoon, and I had vague recollections of when I tracked down the comics years later. When news broke that Hickman was using the name for his next big event, my reaction was one of general excitement, particularly with Esad Ribic on art duties. It’s a great pairing for what promises to be a universes-spanning event, and promises for an artistically satisfying year-long journey.

With the recent announcement of a new Civil War series coming in Summer 2015, however, a worrying thought crossed my mind. Why is the follow-up for Marvel NOW (and All-New Marvel NOW) Marvel THEN? Nostalgia sells, there’s no doubt about it, but for a company that’s been making impressive strides in its goal towards progressiveness, it’s curious to me that Marvel’s reaching into the past (and fairly recent past, in the case of Civil War) for its next company-wide initiative.

My only hope is that this trend might bring back the bad guys sooner rather than later. Anti-heroes and anti-villains are all the rage these days, but call me old-fashioned: at some point, I just want to see the good guys put aside their differences and team-up as a united front again.

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