What We’re Reading Wednesday

Wednesday! Glorious comic book day! Check out our post to see what we’re looking forward to reading this week, and let us know what you’re picking up as well.

Our pick of the week:

4158323-thor+#2+varwThor #2
Story: Jason Aaron
Art: Russell Dauterman
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Get ready for a Thor like you’ve never seen before!

Witness the mysterious all-new Thor in action for the very first time!

With an army of Frost Giants invading the earth, she may be the world’s only hope!




  • Batgirl #36: I know a lot of people didn’t particularly like the new take on this book, but I’m digging it. There are a few things I’m giving the creative team the benefit of the doubt on (and I’m still a little iffy on DC’s Nu52 decision to undo Barbara’s disability), but I really enjoyed #35, and I’m a little head over heels in love with this book.
  • All-New Captain America #1: I don’t really read Captain America comics, with the exception of events I’ve gone back and read (like reading through the entirety of Civil War just to see how Steve Rogers bit it), but I’m intrigued enough here that I’m willing to give it a shot. If nothing else, it’s a good jumping on point.
  • Captain Marvel #9: And speaking of jumping on points, it’s a new Captain Marvel arc! Anyone who had their interest piqued by the Captain Marvel movie announcement two weeks ago, can start here! Miles_Morales_Ultimate_Spider-Man_Vol_1_7_Textless
  • Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #7I still really don’t want Peter Parker back, you guys. At least not in this book. I really hope that we get an announcement that Pete will get to be Ultimate Captain America so that Miles can move on from Peter’s villains and story lines and get his own. Because tangled up in the Peter Parker stuff, there’s not more time for what’s up with Miles’s father, or Katie’s father or the other plots not related to Peter Parker being alive again.
  • Thor #2: Haven’t read the first issue yet, but after what I’m hearing about Thor not even appearing until the end of the comic, I think waiting for two issues wasn’t a bad choice.


It’s a light week for me, mostly because there’s a lot of titles that I’m waffling about picking up, but can’t commit to just yet. I’ll see how I feel when I make it to my store, but for now these are the ones that are my definites.

  • Batgirl #36: Like the crowd, I’m still a bit miffed about what DC did to Babs. I’m not entirely certain that I’m into the direction this new Batgirl is trying to sell, but it wasn’t terrible so I’ll give it another few issues. It could grow on me.
  • Kitchen #1: This is me going out to pick up a DC title almost entirely sight unseen. I haven’t really read anything about it, but the solicit caught my eye so why not? This could turn out to be a terrible idea, but it’s a short run (only 8 issues) and involves crime bosses and that absurdity so we’ll see.T2014-002-m
  • Wytches #2: It looks like this will be a slow-burner, which is always fun with these sorts of tales. If I wanted something that just jumped right in, I’d look elsewhere. For now it’s holding my attention so I’m going for issue two with a fury.
  • Thor #2: I actually like how the first issue ended! It pinged all of my crazy, foolishly arty writer instincts — almost to the expect of actually grabbing new readers. I can get why people were a bit torn about how things went down. But I’m excited enough about what’s coming next that I had convinced myself it came out last week. Oh well! Worth the wait!


  • Red Sonja #13: It’s been about 84 years since the last issue, so it might take TWD134a little going for me to care again, but hey!  New arc!
  • Star Trek #38: More Q, more Deep Space 9-based shenanigans, bring it.
  • The Walking Dead #134: Digging the new creepy baddies!  Though now that their main gimmick’s been revealed, I’m curious to see how the threat will stay fresh (or… won’t).
  • Nightcrawler #8: The last issue was the single best thing to come out of all of this Death of Wolverine nonsense.  Milk it for all it’s worth, Claremont.


  • All-New Ultimates #10: If the thing from the last page of last month’s happened as it appeared, man. Which it probably did. It’s entirely the style of this book, which is not my style, but hey, looks like I’m in it for the last three issues just so I know what’s happened with the characters.
  • Batgirl #36: I’ve made noises about how I feel uncomfortable about getting into this because of the ‘taking Babs out of the chair’ thing and I do, and it got worse, because #35 was basically straight-up exactly what I like out of my comics. I loved it. I feel bad for loving it! Damn you, Batgirl, why’d you have to be good. (Even more irritatingly, it’s good in ways specific to being a Barbara Gordon Batgirl. The nature of how she beats the bad guy — the thing I loved the most — is specific to Babs. Which is good comics. Damn them. Damn them.)
  • Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #7: What happens now? Does anything happen now? There is a lot going on in this book, which’ll probably read quite well when there’s 12 or more issues to read with the various parts interweaving, but can be frustrating reading as they come out. Still, I look forward to the weeks when it wytchessep140768does.
  • Thor #2: I saw somewhere that it looks like we won’t find out who New Thor is until #3? Which is a little aggravating, but Aaron writes fun comics, there’ll probably be something metal in there, at least. And hopefully even if we don’t find out who she is, New Thor’ll do something besides “show up”?
  • Wytches #2: I picked this up on a whim and was glad I did – it’s the kind of mystery/slow-build that Sabrina turned out to be skipping in favor of the overt (which is also valid, also good, but my preferences lie with the former, I think). Found it fun, fascinating, here for it.


Aha! Guess who finally caught up on a month’s backlog of comics? This lady right here.

  • Sherlock Holmes vs Harry Houdini #2: I don’t tend to read Dynamite books, but I detailpicked up the first issue of this miniseries based on the strength of the title alone and was treated to a really fun little story. The artwork’s clean and the dialogue’s snappy.
  • Star Trek #38: I love this creative team so, so much. It feels like forever since the last issue was released, but that might just be my excitement for the book talking. This is probably the closest thing we’ll get to a Star Trek TV series for a long, long while, and I’m enjoying every page of it.
  • All-New Captain America #1: I’ve shied away from reading solicitations over the years, so I’m not sure what approach Remender’s taking with this new series, but I really, really, really hope that the Sam we’re getting in this book is SAM WILSON and not whatever Opposite Sam has been appearing in the pages of AXIS.
  • Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #2: Marco Rudy is an acquired taste (and admittedly not my favourite type of artwork in terms of its ability to tell an easy-to-follow story). That said, pairing up Bucky and Daisy Johnson, who’s been a favourite of mine since Hickman’s Secret Warriors, is a stroke of genius, and while I hope they switch out the artist at some point, I’m really digging the writing.
  • Hawkeye vs Deadpool #2: At some point this year, Gerry Duggan became one of my favourite writers. Able to balance humour with pathos and genuine character beats, I’ve yet to read a book by him that I didn’t enjoy. This miniseries has proven a lot of fun so far, and I’m always glad to see Kate Bishop show up Clint.
  • Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #7: So the cat that is Peter Parker is out of the bag, the result of JJJ’s showdown with Osborn is up in the air (okay, maybe I just hope it’s up in the air, ‘cause JJJ is a favourite of mine in any continuity), and Miles still needs to figure out where the heck his dad is. This is a book I tend to enjoy more if I let a few issues pile up so I can get the whole story all at once, but I’m breaking my own rule this week to see what’s gonna happen next.
  • She-Hulk #10: STILL UPSET THIS BOOK IS BEING CANCELLED, though I’m kind of wondering if the events going on in Hulk might not have something to do with its cancellation, as Doc Green is going around depowering anyone with even a hint of gamma in their blood. In which case, maybe a relaunch with plain ol’ Jennifer Walters is in the cards? (I hope not, if only because Slott did the exact same thing in his run, but on the other hand, if it means Soule is still writing for Jen, I could deal with it.) Regardless, Steve Rogers admitting that he’s more or less guilty on the stand at the end of last issue was quite the cliffhanger.
  • Thor #2: Again, the media blitz surrounding this book rubbed me the wrong way, particularly since the now-titular character was relegated to a last-second cameo appearance in her own book. Aaron’s telling a great story, here — the tension ramping up between the All-Mother and Odin is worth price of admission on its own — but I wish the marketing hadn’t been so obnoxious. Much like Beta Ray Bill’s tenure as the God of Thunder, this is still very much a story about Thor Odinson, and saying anything else is kind of disingenuous.

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