What We’re Reading Wednesday

Wednesday! Glorious comic book day! Check out our post to see what we’re looking forward to reading this week, and let us know what you’re picking up as well.

Our pick of the week:

detailStorm #5
Story: Greg Pak
Art: Victor Ibanez
Publisher: Marvel Comics


• Storm is grieving the loss of her friend, teammate and lover, Wolverine. His death has left loose ends and a pair of shoes that’s hard to fill.

• But with the help of her longtime friend and ally, Yukio, Storm may just find solace in taking care of Wolverine’s unfinished business…and filling his shoes all too well!



♫ All the single ladies, all the single ladies ♫

  • Black Widow #12: This continues to be a solid title, and Phil Noto, while not always my cup of tea, turns out some great art. detail (1)
  • Elektra #8: I’m not sure when this series will be ending (after cancellation was announced back in August) but I’m going to enjoy the art as long as I can. Hopefully Marvel puts del Mundo on other projects, because his art is fantastic and a real highlight in comics for me at the moment.
  • Spider-Woman #1: Very much anticipating this, Land aside. I’m all for anything putting Jess in the spotlight, and I’m also interested in learning about Silk before her own series kicks off.
  • Storm #5: It makes me sad to hear this is getting low numbers because Greg Pak is doing to some pretty good character work with Ororo. Also preparing to be devastated because I shipped Ororo/Logan pretty hard.


Light week, and without realizing it, all of my pulls are female-led titles!

  • Wonder Woman #36Confession time. I’ve actually never read a Wonder Woman comic. I caught glimpses of her when I was picking up New 52’s Justice League, but she was 4224350-wwcovernever my favorite part of that team (the combined power of Flash and Green Lantern making fun of Batman’s lack of powers took that slot), and I’ve never had a huge interest in her solo titles, as much as I appreciate how important she is as a character. That said, a new creative team was enough to bring me back to Batgirl, so I’m willing to give Meredith and David Finch a chance here.
  • Spider-Woman #1: Horrible variant cover controversy aside, and dislike of Greg Land’s art aside, I’m willing to give this a shot. I tend to enjoy 616 Jessica Drew, and Hopeless’s Avengers Arena was surprisingly enjoyable, so I’ll give this a few issues.
  • Storm #5: Still behind on Storm, but the word is that its numbers are low enough that it might be on the verge of cancellation. Really hoping this isn’t the third female-led title casualty. Planning to finally catch up this week.


  • Afterlife With Archie Magazine #2: I’ve wavered a bit in my feelings towards this title, not particularly pleased with Archie’s decision to give up their magazine slot to reprints that, honestly, probably shouldn’t be sitting in grocery stores right next to the One Direction fanzines.  But as someone without easy access to a comic shop, I’m relishing being able to conveniently buy hard copies of my favourite current series, and in a large format that does nothing but favours to the beautiful artwork.  And while I’m not keen on the idea of paying thrice (digital, trade, now this) for the same comic, AwA Mag 2the additional classic horror backups thrown in make it entirely worth it.  Seriously, I cannot get enough old school horror, hopefully Archie Comics will someday get around to publishing trades of these ‘from the vault’ stories, a la Gemstone/Dark Horse’s EC Archives hardcovers.  And until then, I can’t wait to see the Ethel Muggs/Snow White splash page all blown up in size, gah.
  • Lumberjanes #8: NOT the final issue!  So glad this series is ongoing now, I wasn’t looking forward to finding an alternate source to fill my monthly quota of twee.  And friendship!
  • Fables #146: Last month’s issue wasn’t particularly satisfying, and I suspect that feeling of diminishing returns is going to continue while we mark time to the final, explosive, climax.  But then, it’s probably all downhill after they kill your favourite character, sob.
  • Revival #25: Feeling good about this new arc, just hoping it doesn’t stay as talky as the last issue.  And uff, that Francavilla variant, I need it in my life.
  • Storm #5: Loved last month’s Death of Wolverine tie-in after finally playing a bit of catch-up, but I’m not sure if I’m a fan of how Yukio is being used in this arc?  Something’s not feeling right with it for now, but we’ll see how it goes.  More importantly, can Victor Ibanez draw Ororo forever?


  • Avengers_Vol_5_38Avengers #38: In six months, time runs out. In this blurb, I run out of ways to say ‘I’m jazzed about Avengers.’ It’s tough without solicit text! I’m into it, but I got no idea what’s gonna happen in this issue! More of this compelling future set-up, for sures.
  • Loki: Agent of Asgard #8: Continues to be a tie-in. But even though I’m sort of down on inversion as a concept, in Loki’s case, or at least in the case of this book and the writing on it, it should be fun nonetheless?
  • New Avengers #26: New Avengers AND regular in the same week? Bonanza! I hope it’s clear which one to read first. At any rate, probably more Illuminati-flavour in this side of things. It’s a good flavour. Betrayals! Machinations! Namor’s shitty life because he made shitty choices!


  • Batman and Robin #36: This hasn’t been my favourite arc, mostly because I don’t tend to pay attention to what’s happening in the larger DC universe and this storyline has brought a lot of outside players in to help Bruce in his mission to save Damian. That being said, I am looking forward to Titus help the Batfamily (plus Cyborg) fight off Apokolips.
  • Avengers #38 and New Avengers #26: Listing them stk655065-110519together, ‘cause it’s essentially the same story told between the two books. So Sue’s definitely become the most interesting character in this whole saga for me, and I hope she maintains her central role for the rest of this part of the story, ‘cause goddamn, lady is a badass.
  • Black Widow #12: ANDERSON COOPER TIME. I’ve had a little bit of a crush on the guy since he hosted The Mole years back (which yes, I own on DVD; I also bought the soundtrack because that is a thing that exists).
  • Daredevil #10: Is the era of dark, depressing Matt back upon us? Possibly! But I have faith in Waid and Samnee, so even if we are returning to Daredevil’s more familiar stomping grounds, I’m sure it’ll be a helluva ride.
  • Inhuman #8: I’ve been on the fence with this series, reading only the sporadic issue, but the recent Maximus the Mad-centric story piqued my interest. I’d like to see more of the family dynamics and less of the (Inhu)man on the street stories, I think, but Soule’s finding his footing.
  • Loki: Agent of Asgard #8: One of the few Axis tie-ins I’m looking forward to, simply on the strength of the creative team.
  • Storm #5: It took me a couple of issues to really get into this story, but I’m starting to dig it and hope it doesn’t disappear too soon.

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