Celebrating Agent Carter: Look like Peggy


With the two-hour television premiere of Agent Carter tomorrow night, I figured I’d share some of my favorite things having to do with this inspirational and amazing lady. I’ll be posting different aspects about Peggy throughout this week, so keep an eye out. Up first, one of my favorite things to explore:

Look like Peggy Carter

Hayley Atwell has been tweeting up a storm since filming started, and some of my favorite tweets she’s made so far have to do with Peggy’s lipstick, nail color, and perfume. (Oh, and this one video where she scares the crap out of James D’Arcy. Enjoy.) While I will never carry a gun or be able to fight the way Peggy does, something about wearing her lipstick and nail color makes me feel like a badass in a different way. A take on the world with your confidence turned up to 11 kind of way. (I totally ordered the lipstick. No regrets.)

The Lipstick: Red Velvet by Besame Cosmetics


Hayley Atwell

The Nail Polish: Cinnamon Sweet by OPI


Hayley Atwell

 The Perfume: 1940 by Besame


Hayley Atwell

The Hair & The Makeup: If you want to pull it all together, well, YouTube’s got you covered on tutorials for Peggy’s makeup/hair.

These are only two among hundreds you can find on YouTube.

The Cosplay: If you want to go all out and actually do a full cosplay, there are tons of references on the web. However, I find this post to be extremely helpful, and hopefully one day I’ll be able to pull off a Peggy cosplay. Maybe this year at SDCC? THAT’S THE DREAM.

Cosplay Refs


Want to dress like Peggy but not go the full mile? Check out this Polyvore post for ideas on items you can wear together to get that Peggy look without worrying about being 100% accurate.



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