What We’re Reading Wednesday

Wednesday! Glorious comic book day! Check out our post to see what we’re looking forward to reading this week, and let us know what you’re picking up as well.

Our pick of the week:

The-Unbeatable-Squirrel-Girl-1-Cover-48aa7Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1
Story: Ryan North
Art: Erica Henderson
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The Marvel Universe’s newest series has everyone going nuts! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your new look at THE UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL #1, the all-new ongoing series from Eisner Award-winning writer Ryan North (Original Sins, Adventure Time) and rising-star artist Erica Henderson!

What do Dr. Doom, Deadpool and Thanos have in common? Squirrel Girl has beaten them all! True story. She may not be the world’s most popular super hero. Most people don’t even know she exists. But she loves being Squirrel Girl, helping people, and saving the world (even though most people don’t know it)! But now, she faces an enemy more terrifying than any she’s ever faced before – college!

Prepare for misadventures in higher education as Squirrel girl and her best friend/sidekick Tippy-Toe venture across the Marvel Universe for brand new adventures that will see these two square off against some of the baddest baddies around!


I am SO BEHIND on all my comic reading, but there are a couple issues that I want to pickup this week.

  • OPSIN2015001-DC11-1ee0fOperation S.I.N. #1: You had me at Peggy Carter.
  • Storm #7: I’m a few issues behind, but still picking this up because I’m loving it so far.
  • Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1: I can’t resist, I must get it to find out how awesome it is. Ryan North did a decent job with the Young Avengers story in Original Sins, and I’d like to see how he handles Squirrel Girl.
  • X-Men #23: Aaahhhh G. Willow Wilson, finally! As much as I enjoy Brian Wood’s writing, X-Men has been pretty lackluster, so hopefully Wilson’s addition to the book will kick it into gear. The X-Ladies deserve to be more than just boring.


  • Hellboy and the BRPD 1952 #2: I’ve been looking for a place to get into Hellboy and a book set in Hellboy’s early days seemed like just the thing. Issue one was kind of great, but there wasn’t a lot of the man himself in it. Hoping for more in #2.26149
  • ODY-C #2: The weirdest book in the land. I really dug #1 for a lot of reasons, but this one is definitely in danger of being lost in the shuffle, in favor of lighter books.
  • Ant-Man #1: I had no intention of reading this until the comic teaser, and with the trailer out, I definitely want to get an idea of where they’re taking Scott Lang.
  • Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1: This still looks super fun. Ryan North is hilarious, and I’ve read a lot of people hating on Erica Henderson’s art, but her distinctive style is definitely growing on me in a big way.
  • Wolverines #1: A weekly Wolverines comic? Will I be able to keep up? I’m a little scared to find out.
  • X-Men #23: I’ve been looking forward to G. Willow Wilson on X-Men ever since they announced it at NYCC, and though I’ve fallen behind in reading it, this seems like  great jumping on point. Plus, I’ve loved what she’s done with Ms. Marvel, and I absolutely can’t wait to see her take on the X-Ladies.



  • Feathers #1: This looks really cute, in a quirky sort of way. Like the strange-yet-mythical sort of way that having a protagonist be covered in feathers can be. I think I’ll give it a shot.
  • Fairest #33: This is the final issue! It’s been kind of a strange ride, but I don’t regret sticking around to see how they bid it farewell. Plus it features our favorite raging guerrilla communist, Goldilocks.legendarystarlord7cover
  • Ant-Man #1: Hey, at least it’s not about Hank Pym. Scott Lang was tossed off the radar for so long it’ll be interesting to see how they try to make him ~cool~ before the movie.
  • Legendary Star-Lord #7: I feel like such an absurd fan for reading this book mostly to see what sort of mess they all get themselves into this time. And for bonus Kitty Pryde. Who doesn’t want more Kitty in their lives?
  • Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1: Back when this was announced I kind of lost my mind for a little bit. I’m so stoked for everything about this that I’m refusing to let naysayers get me down. There’s always a little backlash when there’s the potential for awesome on the scene.
  • Hawkeye vs Deadpool #4: Real talk, I’ve not started this short series yet mostly because I knew that I’d just binge read these sarcastic troublemakers-turned-heroes(ish). So that’s my plan.
  • X-Men #23: The writer of one of my favorite Marvel titles right now is getting her hands on the X-Men! I’m excited!


  • Archie #663: As excited as I am for Mark Waid and Fiona Staples to take on Archie, I’ll confess to being pretty bummed that one of the last long-running series out there is succumbing to the lure of the renumbering.  Ah, well, the book isn’t over yet, and this month Chuck Dixon is doing a Sons of Anarchy parody.  Um, YES PLEASE.
  • Usagi Yojimbo: Senso #6: Bring the pain.  This series has been amazing, but I’m definitely ready for it to end, the way you look forward to a breath after holding it for an age.
  • Fairest #33: End of the road, critters.  Please keep writing things, Mark Buckingham!  It didn’t even click for me until now that last month was actually HIS final issue.
  • Red Sonja: Vulture’s Circle #1: Always doArchie663wn for more Sonja minis, especially with so many delays plaguing the main title.
  • Shaft #2: Ended up reading the first issue after buying it in Dynamite’s MASSIVE Humble Bundle sale over the holidays, and it ended up being a lot of fun!
  • ODY-C #2: Picked up the first issue on a whim a little while after the fact last month, and it’s… it’s a thing.  I liked it?  I think?  Fraction can be very hit-or-miss with me, but for once, he’s managed a ‘neither.’  This may end up being a comic I wait to read, if only so I can have it as a nice hardcover to pore over the hypnotic art at my leisure and tackle the story when I’m in the right frame of mind.  We’ll see.
  • Trees #8: Things are happening!  With this comic, that can mean a lot. No, don’t ask me what.
  • All-New X-Factor #19: DON’T LEAVE ME.
  • Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1: I’ll confess to not being sold on the art just yet, or at least the faces in particular, but Doreen’s my homegirl, now and forever, and Ryan North looks to be a perfect fit for this book.  This is pretty much my dream Marvel comic, fingers crossed for some GLA appearances before too long (they haven’t appeared in over three years!).
  • X-Men #23: Here’s hoping yet another new writer can breathe some life into this book, it’s just too good a premise to keep getting lost in the shuffle.


  • Angela: Asgard’s Assassin #2: I didn’t immediately get into #1, but giving it another shot to see if I get into it more, figure out what it’s doing and whether I actually… like Angela, I guess? Gotta feel the protagonist.The-Unbeatable-Squirrel-Girl-1-Cover-48aa7
  • Miracleman #14: My flashback adventure continues! Comin’ up on that big moment.
  • ODY-C #2: This may be too smart/weird for me! It is possible I will be able to follow it, if I concentrate, but this may be one I come back to when I’m in a mindset to laser-focus and absorb and work out what is… what is the things that are happening.
  • Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1: Y’know, I’ve seen people saying this is going to be a one-joke comic, and I have to say, if you think Ryan North has just one joke, you are ignoring literally everything Ryan North has done. Dude got talent, dude works.
  • X-Men #23: I’m a big fan of what G. Willow Wilson’s been doing in Ms Marvel, so I’m looking forward to seeing how she fares on a team book.


  • Ant-Man #1: Scott Lang’s honestly my favourite iteration of the character, Cassie’s finally been saved from Stupid-Comic-Death’s land, Darla from Fraction and Allred’s all-too-brief F.F. popped up in a story leading up to this series  (so I hope she’ll stick around), ant-man-1-cover-mark-brooks-109067jpg-d18f1dand Spencer’s hot off the concentrated awesome that was The Superior Foes of Spider-Man. So yeah, I’m looking forward to this book.
  • Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #3: Always an interesting read! The art is certainly an acquired taste, but it adds to the trippiness of the whole thing.
  • Hawkeye vs Deadpool #4: I almost wish this were an ongoing, but I’ll definitely be collecting this in trade, too, either way. Hilarious book.
  • Hulk #10: Not much to say, other than I’m curious about where this storyline’s going.
  • Operation S.I.N. #1: Peggy Carter-centric miniseries penned by Kathryn Immonen? I’m game for an issue.
  • Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1: The art’s not really my cup of tea, but I love Squirrel Girl, so of course I’m in for #1!

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