Spider Gwen Week: Heroes Release Party Wrap-Up


Wrapping up Spider-Gwen week this week, I had the extreme pleasure of checking out the Spider-Gwen release party and signing, at my LCS, Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find. While Heroes has been my comic book store since before I knew what a pull list even was, this is the first time I’ve gone to one of their special promotions (besides Free Comic Book Day and the annual Heroes Convention.)

Hundreds of Spider-Gwen fans lined up in the cold, even before doors opened. I arrived around 10am, and found the line completely wrapped around the building. While a lot of people were locals, some traveled hours for the event. I talked to one fan who started his journey to Heroes at 7am, coming all the way from Georgia just for the signing.

And the event was definitely worth it. With all three members of the Spider-Gwen team on-hand (Jason Latour, Robbi Rodriguez and Rico Renzi) as well as the real life Mary Janes, Married with Sea Monsters, it was a fun event. I’m not sure they anticipated such a massive crowd, because while the wristband system for signings worked, it kept some of us out of the cold waiting for our turn inside.

But considering Edge of Spiderverse #2 was supposed to be a one-off, and Spider-Gwen’s surging popularity, this is nothing but good news as far as female-led comics go.

Check out Married with Sea Monster’s live performance of “Face it Tiger” here, and more of the Spider-Gwen release party after the jump.


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