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GRC’s Holiday Gift Guide!

With the holidays upon us, we’re doing our best to help you guys find the perfect gifts for the geek in your life! Keep on reading to see what Chantaal, Angel and Lina think would be great gift ideas. My … Continue reading

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Chantaal’s Favorite Artists: Part 2

Back to my favorite artists series! This list isn’t any sort of order; I’m just putting together names as I remember them. I’ll have more posts on the way as well, as I undoubtedly come up with more artists I … Continue reading

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Best of 2010

Welcome to Girls Read Comics’ Favorites of 2010! From behind the scenes to the comics themselves, we’ve come up with a list of our favorites this year. Continue reading

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Chantaal’s Favorites: Miniseries

I’m incredibly slow, but I got there! Alas, between my laptop completely dying and not having reliable internet access, I’ve had little time or focus on blog posts. I’m hoping that’ll change soon, though! Anyways, on with my favorite minis. … Continue reading

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July 7 comics

Holy wow, last week was a huge comics week, so I’m going to keep things to mini reviews. Favorites include the return of Young Avengers, the end of Thor and the Warriors Four (cue tears) and the close of Second … Continue reading

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30 Days of Marvel: Day 5

30 Days of Marvel masterlist. Day #5: Your favorite team Original X-Men There have been a million different teams over the years, but no team has made me love them more than the original five X-Men. I’ve read bits of … Continue reading

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Catching Up with Mini Reviews! (Again.)

Life kind of got a little crazy for me in the past couple of weeks and I got a little behind on my reading. I’m going the way of mini reviews once again, to catch up with everything I’ve missed before June 9th’s releases. Continue reading

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Catching Up with Mini Reviews!

For a while there I’d fallen behind on both reading and reviewing comics, but I’ve been determined to get all caught up before this week’s haul. For all that I’ve been reading, though, I’m going to keep the reviews (hopefully) short and sweet. Continue reading

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April 7th comics

Second Coming is in full swing, the already highly acclaimed SHIELD is launching, and even the Power Pack are up. This was a good week. An AWESOME week. SPOILERS FOR: Uncanny X-Men, Marvel Zombies, SHIELD, Deadpool & Cable, Avengers Origin, … Continue reading

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Best of the Best – Women in Comics

Well, that’s it, we’re doing it. We’re trying to compile a list of women in comics – the best, the most kick ass, bad ass, independent, strong, exceptional, you get the idea – as voted on by you. All comics, … Continue reading

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