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Canastralian. Cosplayer. Comic book addict. Travel addict. Convention addict. ...I think that's a lot of addictions and I might need a 12 step program

Teenage Satan!

There’s been a lot of buzz on the internet about Teenage Satan lately.  From their surprise announcement at Boston Comic Con (and the party of the year, from what I hear), to coverage on Newsarama and iFanboy, there are a … Continue reading

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Jonah Hex

One of my favourite books which I often wonder why people aren’t reading.  So I thought I’d post 5 points as to why everyone should read Jonah Hex 1) Done in One.  It’s a brilliant thing, as most of the … Continue reading

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Teenage Satan hits Boston

It’s all rumour and whispers now, but there are rumours of a new kid in school.  That kid?  Teenage Satan. All I’m saying, is this is going to be AMAZING.  Believe me, I’ve had a preview, and you all want … Continue reading

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QotM: What property do you want to see developed and why?

We came up with the idea that we’d pose a question to the GRCT team each month, and all come up with our answers.  This is the first of the series, hopefully you enjoy, and feel free to discuss anything … Continue reading

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Five Minute Marvels – Unleash your artist

I cannot draw.  I often bemoan this fact, and am in constant awe of those who can.  I fully realise that drawing, like any other skill, is something that gets better with practice, but I also believe that there needs … Continue reading

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Picks of the Week Mar 16-22

Emma: I had to double check with my LCS that nothing I should be buying had sold out before I got there because it was such a light week for me, but it happens. Chantaal: I’m a woeful three weeks … Continue reading

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Middleman Reunion Panel Live Tweet wrap up!

The lovely @knitmeapony spent the day at C2E2, and went to the Middleman Reunion panel.  We’ve collected her tweets so you too can share in the awesome that was the panel.  If we’re lucky she’ll post photos from it soon. … Continue reading

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C2E2 Correspondent

Well it looks like we’ve gotten ourselves a C2E2 livetweeter for Saturday!  So stick close to the GRCT twitter account for lots of updates. Laurie (knitmeapony everywhere!) has been a nerd since she was born, and a comics nerd since … Continue reading

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Interview – Dan Slott

Continuing on from the Gail and Nicola interview, Dee (or should we say She-Hulk?) had the opportunity to ask the very same questions to Dan.  So, she did, and gleefully. Name a three character team up you’d like to write … Continue reading

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So you’re going to C2E2

Already 4/5 of the crew from GRCT are envious.  But now Dee is going to make some recommendations.  Most of these are comic book artists and writers, but these are some you might miss out on if you didn’t know … Continue reading

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