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Emma Houxbois is a fiercely queer trans woman from the wilds of Canada, most recently spotted in the Pacific Northwest. She is currently Comics Editor for The Rainbow Hub, a two time IWC Women's World Champion, and has written for the web since 2005 for sites including Playboy, Bitch Media, and Graphic Policy.

The Anatomy of a Geek Girl: Dicks and False Dichotomies

When I wrote “Do You,” I wanted to specifically avoid centering my voice and experiences in fandom since it was meant as a response to specific attacks against women who are not me, but with that done I can get … Continue reading

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Single Ladies [Put A Utility Belt On It] Part 2: Cassandra Cain

In considering Cassandra Cain, a significant deviation needs to be made from how I was able to analyze Barbara Gordon. Babs’ life easily conforms to both the conventions of western literature and to the ideals of (white) western feminism so … Continue reading

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Single Ladies [Put a Utility Belt On It]: Barbara Gordon

Editor’s note (a fancy way of saying Emma talking about herself in the third person at three in the morning): This is the first of a four part series on the gender identity and presentation of the four post-crisis female … Continue reading

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Do You and Other Words of Wisdom About Female Geekery

This is, to be perfectly honest, one of those posts that should never have to be written but we don’t live in some kind of post-feminist utopia where women are taken seriously as equal participants in anything so I end … Continue reading

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Picks of the Week March 23-29

Emma: Batman Inc. #4 Savor this one folks, because issues #4 and #5 are all you’re going to be seeing of DC’s #1 crime fighter Kate “Batwoman” Kane until her long awaited solo series launches in the fall. While Kate … Continue reading

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Picks of the Week March 9-15

Just a reminder: our final Marvel Moments poll is still open! Get your votes in if you haven’t already. Mark it on your calendar, folks. This is the week Emma talks about someone new. Rick Remender, the guy responsible for … Continue reading

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Picks of the Week – Feb 2-8

It’s Saturday night. Emma is wine-drunk and reading comics! This is what she read and then blogged about in the third person: Secret Six #30 Last time I did one of these, some people disagreed with my assertion that strippers … Continue reading

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Emma’s 30 Days of Mavel [Day 11]

Art by Mike Mayhew 30 Days of Marvel Day 11: Favourite Power Another tough one because there’s just so many options. Flight, invisibility, the list just goes on and on. At the end of the day, shape shifting has always … Continue reading

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Emma’s 30 Days of Marvel [Day 10]

30 Days of Marvel Day 10: Your Favourite Costume He’s more machine now than man. – Obi Wan Kenobi I agonized over this one, but sometimes you just have to go with your gut. Extremis was the moment when my … Continue reading

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Emma’s 30 Days of Marvel [Day 9]

30 Days of Marvel Day Nine: Your Favourite Classic Character Daredevil was the first superhero that I got serious about as an adult. I was quickly growing tired of the faux maturity of Top Cow’s line up, becoming enthralled by … Continue reading

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