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Single mum who was a precocious child and is now reaping what she sowed in the form of a precocious toddler. Shouter from rooftops, keeper of the poor decisions of others, who has a day job that has nothing to do with her passions. Bounces back and forth between Chicago and Washington, D.C. all while being very confused about the cultural expectations due to the heavy handed Western European infusion in her formative years. Rambles about: history, books, comics, film, and music. It is safe to say that she's not caught up on the latest bingeworthy show yet. Hopefully soon.

Female Friendships: Image Not Found?

I like to read comics about girl friendships. I’ll admit that as a blanket statement that sounds both absurd and really broad, but it’s the truth. I like to see my favourite female characters, hanging out, being friends or colleagues … Continue reading

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Kill Shakespeare

I am a lit geek. When looking around for which type of geek that I am, that is the label that I pick first. It might seem a little weird to be talking about my love of all things literary … Continue reading

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Memorable Marvel Moment: Molly Hayes Takes Out Wolverine

Sometimes I want to be Molly Hayes. I know that sounds like something of creepy statement, what with my being an adult and her being a 12 year old, but frankly that doesn’t really bother me. Despite her age, Molly … Continue reading

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