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Single Ladies [Put a Utility Belt On It]: Barbara Gordon

Editor’s note (a fancy way of saying Emma talking about herself in the third person at three in the morning): This is the first of a four part series on the gender identity and presentation of the four post-crisis female … Continue reading

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Chantaal’s Favorite Artists: Part 2

Back to my favorite artists series! This list isn’t any sort of order; I’m just putting together names as I remember them. I’ll have more posts on the way as well, as I undoubtedly come up with more artists I … Continue reading

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Catching Up!

We’ve all been pretty busy lately here, between cons, birthdays, getting sick, work, and all the other various things life throws at us. We still have lots of interesting posts in the work, so we’re throwing this up as a … Continue reading

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Picks of the Week March 23-29

Emma: Batman Inc. #4 Savor this one folks, because issues #4 and #5 are all you’re going to be seeing of DC’s #1 crime fighter Kate “Batwoman” Kane until her long awaited solo series launches in the fall. While Kate … Continue reading

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QotM: What property do you want to see developed and why?

We came up with the idea that we’d pose a question to the GRCT team each month, and all come up with our answers.  This is the first of the series, hopefully you enjoy, and feel free to discuss anything … Continue reading

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Picks of the Week Mar 16-22

Emma: I had to double check with my LCS that nothing I should be buying had sold out before I got there because it was such a light week for me, but it happens. Chantaal: I’m a woeful three weeks … Continue reading

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The Results – Memorable Moments of Marvel Women

Finally!  After preliminary polls, a month of more detailed posts, and a final poll, we have it, voted by you! The top five six moments of Marvel women!  I know there were moments people loved that didn’t get nominated, and … Continue reading

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