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Most Ridiculous Comic Book Movies: Angel’s Picks (Part One)

With Thor opening in theaters on Friday and X-Men First Class, Captain America: The First Avenger and Green Lantern not far behind it, 2011 is shaping up to be one of the biggest years ever for movies based on comic … Continue reading

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Jonah Hex

One of my favourite books which I often wonder why people aren’t reading.  So I thought I’d post 5 points as to why everyone should read Jonah Hex 1) Done in One.  It’s a brilliant thing, as most of the … Continue reading

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Picks of the Week March 23-29

Emma: Batman Inc. #4 Savor this one folks, because issues #4 and #5 are all you’re going to be seeing of DC’s #1 crime fighter Kate “Batwoman” Kane until her long awaited solo series launches in the fall. While Kate … Continue reading

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Picks of the Week – Feb 2-8

It’s Saturday night. Emma is wine-drunk and reading comics! This is what she read and then blogged about in the third person: Secret Six #30 Last time I did one of these, some people disagreed with my assertion that strippers … Continue reading

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Secret Six #30

Otherwise known as the coolest thing to ever happen to Dee. This week starts the two part Secret Six/Doom Patrol crossover.  A well-written and kick-ass issue it’s significant to me for another reason COMPLETELY. It’s already been established that Liana … Continue reading

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Batgirl Contest Winners

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for entering our Batgirl contest.  It was great to read the stories of people who love the book, and to see so much enthusiasm from new readers.  Sadly, only three people are our winners, … Continue reading

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Contest: Batgirl Rising

We’re having our first contest of the year! Aren’t you all excited? Now this contest is all about Batgirl and comes in two parts: 1. New Readers We have two trades of Batgirl Rising that we sold our souls to … Continue reading

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