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AvX #11: The Aftermath

Avengers vs X-Men was billed as, and has been, a massive Marvel event, spanning several titles, pitting friends and families against one-another. It’s marked the return of the Phoenix Force, and at a time when the X-Men were already fractured … Continue reading

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Rumor Mill: Jean Grey’s Possible Return

With less than two weeks until San Diego Comic Con, the rumor mill is running at full tilt. With it comes teases of what we could look forward to in the next coming months (with the juiciest details saved for … Continue reading

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Avengers vs X-Men: Team Avengers vs Team X-Men

At the end of 2011 Marvel asked us which side we were on: the Avengers or the X-Men. Now we are three issues into the mini-series Avengers vs X-Men which pits the two biggest teams in Marvel against each other … Continue reading

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