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Catching Up!

We’ve all been pretty busy lately here, between cons, birthdays, getting sick, work, and all the other various things life throws at us. We still have lots of interesting posts in the work, so we’re throwing this up as a … Continue reading

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Memorable Marvel Moment: Molly Hayes Takes Out Wolverine

Sometimes I want to be Molly Hayes. I know that sounds like something of creepy statement, what with my being an adult and her being a 12 year old, but frankly that doesn’t really bother me. Despite her age, Molly … Continue reading

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Picks of the week Feb 9-15

Emma: Sometimes I feel a bit redundant or unfulfilled for coming back every week with the same old refrain of Cornell, Miller, Simone but you know this really was the worst week that DC has had in quite a while. … Continue reading

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Chris Evans as Steve Rogers

As huge (and I mean huuuuuge) a crush I have on Chris Evans, when news first came out of him being cast as Captain America, I was optimistic, but tried to be realistic. Unless we can bring Paul Newman back … Continue reading

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April 14 Comics

This was a relatively slow week on my front, other than my excitement over Siege: Young Avengers (which has its very own post over thattaway). I also pop my DC cherry. Oh happy day! Spoilers for: New Mutants (Second Coming), … Continue reading

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