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Question of the Week – Favourite Comic Book Couple

We’re back! Thank you everyone for sticking around, and we hope to make it worth your while. Right now, we’re moving to a weekly question for the GRCT crew and we’re kicking it off with our favourite comic book couples! … Continue reading

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Dee’s top three Superheroes

Wow, was this a hard one.  After a few weeks off because of my crazy convention and travel home schedule, we’re back on track now.  But picking my favourite three superheroes?  Alright, that excluded a few people from the list.  … Continue reading

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Secret Six – Misfits United

Written by: Gail Simone Art by: Nicola Scott/Jim Calafiore Publisher: DC Anyone who knows me likely will tell you that it was inevitable that I’d write about this book when I decided to do posts on trades and graphic novels. … Continue reading

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