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Podcast #5: In Which Ryan Gosling is Aquaman

This month, friend of the blog Dawn (@dawnpuppet) joins us again as we recap our San Diego Comic Con experiences, talk about DC’s film shortcomings and the distinction between different types of Bronies. Mild spoilers for Marvel’s Ultimates, and as … Continue reading

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Review: Man of Steel

DC’s latest film, Man of Steel, has been one that we at GRCT have been anticipating ever since the first trailer. Starring Henry Cavill, Michael Shannon and Amy Adams, it’s a reboot of the original continuity of Superman films. Read … Continue reading

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Random Awesome: Cass Cain & Steph Brown Fan Art

                  I’m admittedly not as well-versed in Batman comics as I’d like to be, but that doesn’t keep me from appreciating the truly awesome fan art that Minuiko has created and posted to … Continue reading

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Point/Counterpoint – Before Watchmen

The Watchmen prequels (Before Watchmen) were announced today by DC, to a very mixed reaction. Due out this summer, the seven mini -series have some pretty heavy talent behind them, including Brian Azzarello, Adam Hughes, Darwyn Cooke and Amanda Conner. … Continue reading

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DCU where are you? (Or Dee thinks things about the relaunch)

From a marketing perspective I understand DC’s slow release of information about the September re-launch.  It keeps them in the news for longer, keeps fans talking and means that nothing gets glossed over or missed.  From the perspective of a … Continue reading

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30 Days of DC – Day 10

I know, I’ve slacked.  Mostly because Day 10 is a huge stumbling block for me.  The title I wish I could bring back? I don’t really have one. Six months ago, I would have given you a simple answer.  There … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Gail Simone

I’ve been doing a 30 Days of DC comics over at tumblr.  Today happened to be favourite writer, and it also happened to be my favourite writer’s birthday.  It started to get a bit long and I thought there wasn’t … Continue reading

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