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NYCC Friday: Marvel NOW! Join the REvolution

  Our coverage of New York Comic Con continued this past Friday with Marvel’s REvolution panel, which detailed even more of the new titles launching in the coming months. The panel included such big Marvel names as Axel Alonso, Tom … Continue reading

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Catching up with mini-reviews!

After very crazy, very awesome Comic Con – which involved standing five feet from Stan Lee, of all things – I’m finally catching up on all my comics from the past two weeks. Mini-reviews are the way I’m going this … Continue reading

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July 7 comics

Holy wow, last week was a huge comics week, so I’m going to keep things to mini reviews. Favorites include the return of Young Avengers, the end of Thor and the Warriors Four (cue tears) and the close of Second … Continue reading

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June 23 comics

Tiny week, but any week with X-Factor is an awesome week for me. Spoilers ahead for: X-Factor, Second Coming, Avengers, Fantastic Four.

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March 31st comics

March 31st comic reviews, including spoilers for Fantastic Four, X-Force, X-Men Second Coming, Cloak & Dagger and She Hulk Sensational. Continue reading

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1602: Fantastick Four

The story begins by deftly setting up the Frightful Four, having The Wizard tell a tale of them reaching the edge of the world, which attracts Otto Von Doom’s attention. Meanwhile, since defeating Doom in 1602, Richard and Sue have settled and are having a baby, John begins duels over women and gets drunk, and Ben is an actor in none other than William Shakespeare’s troupe. Continue reading

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