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Art Love: Marvel Peanuts Christmas

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays from the crew here at Girls Read Comics Too!   by Chris Giarrusso

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Random Awesome: Thor #1 Cover

The cover to Thor #1, by Russell Dauterman with colors by Frank Martin Jr. is completely rocking my world, as is the new Thor logo, which is so clever that I have no idea how they hadn’t done it before now. Thor … Continue reading

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Tumblr Tuesday: Tony Has a Drinking Problem

Tumblr Tuesdays is a weekly post here at Girls Read Comics. We’ll be using these as a chance to focus on the weird, wonderful things that we find on tumblr (except for fan art) that we think need more than … Continue reading

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Review: All-New X-Men

After hearing months ago that Marvel had decided to cancel Uncanny X-Men again and that they would launch Uncanny Avengers in the wake of AvX, I’d finally made my peace with the idea that Marvel NOW! would ultimately be a … Continue reading

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AvX #11: The Aftermath

Avengers vs X-Men was billed as, and has been, a massive Marvel event, spanning several titles, pitting friends and families against one-another. It’s marked the return of the Phoenix Force, and at a time when the X-Men were already fractured … Continue reading

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Rumor Mill: Jean Grey’s Possible Return

With less than two weeks until San Diego Comic Con, the rumor mill is running at full tilt. With it comes teases of what we could look forward to in the next coming months (with the juiciest details saved for … Continue reading

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Why I Love Miles Morales

I started reading Ultimate Spider-Man back in 2000, back when the title first launched. My comic reading was sporadic at best back then, but of the titles I did manage to pick up, it was one of my favorites. Admittedly, … Continue reading

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Marvel, What Are You Doing?

So, word on across the web today is that Marvel comics has canceled one of its only female led solo titles, X-23. Speaking as a long time fan of the character and a fan of the title itself, I am … Continue reading

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