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Art Love: Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter)

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman by Nicola Scott Advertisements

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Women in Comics – Nicola Scott

It’s been a while since our last women in comics post, but we have a bunch queued for this week. We thought we’d kick it off with one of GRCT favourites, artist Nicola Scott. After great runs on Birds of … Continue reading

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Question of the Week – Most Prized Comic Possession

Out of your comic memorabilia, what is your most prized possession? Today’s question of the week gives each of the GRCT crew to show off that one comic, autograph, action figure, cosplay or anything else that we prize above the … Continue reading

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Where are all the female creators, DC?

I woke up this morning (living on the other end of the world as I do) to another round of announcements that didn’t excite me at all.  (Why does Supergirl have knee cutouts and a red hoo-ha with a heart … Continue reading

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Interview – Gail Simone and Nicola Scott

When the chance came to grab quick interviews with Gail Simone, Nicola Scott and Dan Slott at Armageddon Expo, I jumped at it.  But a bit inspired by a friend’s effort and feel cognizant of the fact that they get … Continue reading

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Australian Creators & Artists

I thought today would be a great day to highlight some Australian comic creators and artists.  Some you’ll likely know, some you might not.  It’s by no means an extensive list, but rather a list of people who’ve stood out … Continue reading

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NYCC Roundup – Part Two

Here’s the second half of my NYCC recap, which I know you’ve all been waiting for.  I’ve already rambled on a bit about Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, Darwyn Cooke and Gail Simone, but I haven’t done much else have I? … Continue reading

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