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Chantaal, We Need to Talk

Chantaal, it’s your birthday! As the founder of GRCT we have a few things for you that we thought we’d share with everyone.

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Question of the Week — Favorite Moment of Ultimate Badassery

It goes without saying that there are more badass moments than any of us can count in comics, but this week, GRCT talks about the one moment that sticks out in each of our minds as being our absolute favorite … Continue reading

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Random Awesome – Convention Sketch

Sometimes I just need to share moments of random awesome. Like this convention sketch of Siryn from the brilliant and very sweet David Yardin. What I don’t need to share are moments of fangirling, names gotten wrong and general Dee … Continue reading

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Question of the Week – Favourite Comic Book Couple

We’re back! Thank you everyone for sticking around, and we hope to make it worth your while. Right now, we’re moving to a weekly question for the GRCT crew and we’re kicking it off with our favourite comic book couples! … Continue reading

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Question of the Month – Favourite Female Character

We’ve been focusing on female creators a lot around here and this month we thought we’d throw it out there – who’s the female character that holds a special place in our hearts? Dee: For once I’m not going to … Continue reading

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Chantaal’s Top 3 Superheroines

Dee’s already explained this in her post, so I’ll just on ahead and list out my top three. Siryn/Banshee I’m going to come straight and say that this is not a Best Superhero Role Models list – this is my … Continue reading

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30 Days of Marvel: Day 1

In the wilds of Tumblr, there’s a 30 Days of [Subject] Meme, where you expound on the topic on a given day. Thanks to some followers at F*ck Yeah Marvel (which I co-run), two different 30 Days of Marvel memes … Continue reading

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