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Chantaal’s Top 3 Superheroes

I like to call this the Dude Edition. Multiple Man Jamie Madrox has an incredibly rich history, first with the Muir Island X-Men, then with Peter David in X-Factor (vol. 1) and again with Peter David in X-Factor’s current run. Being … Continue reading

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July 7 comics

Holy wow, last week was a huge comics week, so I’m going to keep things to mini reviews. Favorites include the return of Young Avengers, the end of Thor and the Warriors Four (cue tears) and the close of Second … Continue reading

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Siege: Young Avengers

Anything coming out this week has been dwarfed by my excitement for Siege: Young Avengers, which is why I’m doing a separate review post for it. My love for the YA is like the sun. *_* Spoilers ahead! Siege: Young … Continue reading

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