What We’re Reading Wednesday

Wednesday! Glorious comic book day! Check out our post to see what we’re looking forward to reading this week, and let us know what you’re picking up as well.

Our pull of the week:

Hawkeye #19
Story: Matt Fraction
Art: David Aja
Letters: Matt Hollingsworth
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Kate gets to the bottom of the greatest mystery in the entire Marvel Universe right this very hot second: just who the H is that guy in the trench coat that seems to live in her cat food aisle? The answer may surprise you.

Or maybe not, maybe you’re super-good at this kind of thing.

Anyway a simple investigation dovetails into Kate’s desperate race to stay one step ahead of the woman that’s sworn to kill her: Madame Masque and what started off as a zany summer vacation gets a little bloody. Buckle up, buttercups. [CBR]



  • Cyclops #3: I’m sad that Rucka is leaving this book, because even though I’ve been a Cyclops fan for a while now, I wasn’t entirely sure that this book was going to be any good. I’ve really been enjoying it a lot, and while a new writer doesn’t alwayshawkeye19 mean the quality of a book drops (sometimes quite the opposite), I still can’t help but be a little worried.
  • Hawkeye #19: I’ve been looking forward to this one ever since it was announced. Hawkeye has been coming out in fits and starts lately, and I know a lot of people are becoming discouraged with the title, but when the story’s good, I think it’s worth waiting for. It’s the sign language issue, which could come out gimmicky if not done well, but I trust that Fraction and Aja are going to do fantastic things with it. Remember Pizza is my Business? That book that just won an Eisner? I’m not sure why the solicits say that this is a Kate story, though.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy #17: It’s Venom for some reason! But this title has a history of characters being on the cover and not actually on the book, so I’m curious to see if he actually makes it in this month.  I love this book a lot, either way, and with the Guardians movie coming out this week, I’ll be reading if only to get my fix.



  • Bodies #1: Signing up to follow a DC-published comic sometimes seems like a recipe for heartache and madness, but this series has something magical on its side. Not only is it a short-run (always a good in the glut of pre-autumn comic backlog), but it is a murder mystery with overlapping timelines. The genre bender in me cannot help but give this a nudge.
  • East of West #14: You’ve read Chantaal’s review of the first volume, right? (The answer should be a definite yes.) The series has only amped up since then and I’m buckled in for the long haul.
  • Manhattan Projects #22: Sometimes this Hickman-led series feels like reading my history homework, except way more fun. It’s the start of a new arc and I’m bouncing to see where the science goes in this one. It’s probably gonna get weird.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy #17: I think I might be on some sort of Guardians-based bender right now, but I regret nothing. It’s been a great ride and I think it’ll continue to be good.
  • Hawkeye #19: HAWKGUY!! That’s a reason, right? Come on. If you’re not reading Hawkeye by now, both Fraction and I are side-eyeing you.
  • X-Men #17: It might be blasphemous to admit to, but before this series, I kind of always found Jubilee to be kind of annoying. I know! Madness! But I grew up on Generation X and my nine year old self played faves and Jubes wasn’t one of them. So trust me when I say that I have been loving the way that Brian Wood has been handling her arc and the entire storyline. I’m invested now. Depending how this issue goes there might even be tears. It’s a big deal.


  • Ghostbusters #18: I have determined that IDW licensed comics are really the perfect outlet for all of those beloved properties that we all want more of but would never actually want more sequels to.  Naturally, this ridiculously fun comic is ending with issue #20, but I’m looking forward to seeing Erik Burnham pull out all the stops in the final aGhostbusters 18rc!
  • Cyclops #3: The Starjammers ongoing I’ve always secretly yearned for, loving it.
  • Hawkeye #19: I was going to make Ghostbusters my pick of the week just to be contrary, but then I remembered how damn long it’s been since the last issue of Hawkeye, and it’s… it’s earned this.
  • Uncanny Avengers #22: Just waiting for this arc to wrap up so I can stop reading, to be honest.  I don’t understand how grand, epic superheroics can end up being so thoroughly unpleasant on every conceivable level.
  • X-Men #17: This comic should have so much going for it, but it just seems to drop the ball at every opportunity.  Hopefully Marc Guggenheim can inject some life into it when he takes over from Brian Wood next month.


  • Avengers #33: Things goin’ down in this. Is this the issue where everyone’s back from the future? I lose track. The future adventures were interesting but now those glimpses are out of the way I’m hoping for some consequences goin’ down.
  • Cyclops #3: So long, Rucka. Getting great creators in for short runs is an interesting tactic, if that’s what it is. Still, Rucka may have hooked me on teen Cyclops having adventures with his space pirate dad, so if it was a tactic it was effective.
  • Hawkeye #19: I will believe this comic has finally come out when I have read it.
  • New Avengers #21: Speaking of consequences, I recall my reaction to the last issue of this being simply, “DAMN, STRANGE.” Quite possibly the outcome of this issue will be “damn Strange.”
  • Ultimate FF #5: This wasn’t on my pull-list previously because of the art, and it appears it was the same for a lot of people as it’s cancelled as of #6. But then: ULTIMATE SPIDER-HAM. GALACTYPUS. So, heck, checking that out.


I’ve been perpetually behind this month, and while there’s plenty of books this week that catch my eye, there’s only a handful that I’ll be making a point to get sooner rather than later.Hawkeye 19 cover

  • Avengers #33: Hickman’s long-form storytelling is really hitting its stride with this arc, so it’s a must-read for me this week.
  • Cyclops #3: While I’m saddened to learn that Rucka will be leaving this book in just a few issues, it’s still a surprise favourite of mine for the time being. One thing’s for sure: whenever Rucka comes back to the X-Universe, as has been promised, I’ll be first in line to buy his next project.
  • HAWKEYE #19: Obviously this is my pick of the week — just look at my little header picture! After months of waiting, there’s no way I’m sitting on this for any longer than I need to, especially as Fraction has been talking about the sign language issue forever.
  • New Avengers #21: Hickman. Avengers. Still there.
  • Bodies #1: Just spotted this one on the CBR previews page, and it looks way too good to pass up. A murder mystery that hits all my genre kinks is too rare to pass up!

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