June 30 comics

Woah, this was a tiny week. But that’s okay, because I’ve heard a new comic book shop is opening a five minute drive away from my house by the end of the month. Joy!

Spoilers ahead for: Secret Avengers, Thor, X-Campus.

Secret Avengers #2

Writer: Ed Brubaker
Artist: Mike Deodato

Story: 4/5
Art: 5/5

Having had a good few weeks with all the new Avengers titles, Secret has come out on top of the pack, much of that thanks to Brubaker. He knows how to write the hell out of a good storyline, and how to include personal bits without them seeming clunky or out of place among all the action.

Every member of the team gets a shining moment, from Sharon determined to go after the shady group who attacked their ship, to Steve kicking ass (as always). It would be nice to see some epic Sharon/Natasha/Valkyrie ass kickings to make up for the near-hookers moment that opened #1. (Which was subverted, yeah, but still. First intro to two women on the team is a close call with prostitution? No thanks.)

Thor #611

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artist: Rich Elson

Story: 4/5
Art: 5/5

Still feeling my way through Thor with my third issue into the series on a regular basis, and I’m still really liking it. A lot of the story — especially the stuff in hell — went over my head, but I’m attributing that to not being familiar with the series and Thor mythos.

I really loved the end, though. You can’t get any more awesome than Thor declaring Asgard is going to hell to kick some undead ass.

X-Campus #1

Writer: Franceso Artibani
Artist: Dennis Medri, Roberto Di Salvo

Story: 4/5
Art: 4/5

I downloaded this on a whim, mostly beacuse I’m the sort of person who loves alternate timelines like this, and I kind of enjoyed it.

There were moments I thought it felt a bit ridiculous — everyone hiding their powers in a school full of mutants, for one thing — but it was the right amount of familiar and new to make it work. My favorite thing, however, has to be the Hellfire Club/Brotherhood of Mutants mashup led by Magneto.

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