Picks of the Week – Feb 16-22

Dee: It wasn’t a huge week for me comics-wise, though there were a few good books I grabbed.  But, this week, it’s a book and a trade that make my list!

Chantaal: It was a slow week for me as well, mostly because I’m woefully behind on quite a few of my current favorites. My favorite thing of the week had to be the new Thor trailer, however.

Morning Glories Volume #1

Nick Spencer’s brilliant book about… Well, I’m not exactly sure what it’s about.  Exceptional students, a school that is there to train them for something, teachers who are being watched as well… It’s a dark and delightful book that with every answer we’re given, leaves another two questions in the wake.  And it’s brilliant.  The characters are compelling (even though they’re teenagers!) and interesting, and their teachers make me wonder.  The art by Joe Eisma is clean and crisp and well suited to the book, and Alex Sallazzo’s colouring is stunning.  I highly recommend picking up this trade and suspect that you’ll do what I did, and devour it in one sitting. – Dee

Hawkeye: Blind Spot #1

Jim McCann, I love you.  Okay, so that isn’t a review, really.  The way this book ties into the Widowmaker miniseries is lovely.  I love when characters are forced to deal with the repercussions of their acts, and sometimes of things that happen to them.  There are two very different storylines developing here, and I’m intrigued to watch them play out and how they’ll intertwine.   Paco Diaz’s art shone in the flashback sequences, and was enjoyable in the rest of the book, if not exactly brilliant at times.

He does draw a great Clint and Steve, I’ll give him that. – Dee

Thor Trailer #2 [Watch]

With Thor’s release date fast approaching, Marvel released a new trailer, and it is, in a word, EPIC.  Where the first trailer gave us a taste of what tho expect from the movie, this second trailer gives us much,  much more. It’s not just about all the amazing looking action sequences, however. It’s glimpses of Thor’s personality, his relationship with the humans he befriends, the amazing shots of Asgard and the story there. The trailer promises an action-packed epic, and I, for one, am completely on board with it. I don’t think my hopes have been this high for a movie since Iron Man 2. – Chantaal

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5 Responses to Picks of the Week – Feb 16-22

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  2. illusclaire says:

    I was interested in Morning Glories early on, but.. I had basically no faith that they wouldn’t go for the cheesecake school uniform stuff, so I left it.

    Does it steer clear, as well as being an intriguing story?

    • pseudicide says:

      It absolutely steers clear of that. It’s a really great story, and totally unexpected in many of the directions it takes.

  3. Gamedoll says:

    im excited about Thor movie too. It’s on my bday so I’m excited to see it. I’ve been following u guys for a few months now. :)

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