Countdown to San Diego: Our Convention Plans

Countdown to SDCC


Tonight is Comic Con preview night! If you’re going to be in town, here’s where you can probably find each of us during the convention, and we hope to meet as many of you as we can! Don’t hesitate to say hi if you spot any of us, or tweet us. Of course, the nature of SDCC means that plans have to remain flexible, so this is all subject to change.

And if you’re not going to be in town, we hope to share so much of the convention that it feels like you’re there. And without the lines!



You can check out what I plan to do by taking a peek at MySched, but like any good Comic Con, all the best laid plans get blown up in a spasm of geek squee.

Preview Night: Trying for some swag, maybe some exclusives, hopefully a Skottie Young signing. Plus, the Ender’s Game Fan Experience with Angel!

Thursday: Floor day, with some panels in between. My number one panel for the day is the Hannibal panel because I NEED TO, but then I’ll duck out early to head over to the Hyatt for our Multiple Man meet up! I’ll be wearing a Multiple Man tee with some noticeable makeup, so if you spot us on the floor, say hello!

Friday: Room sitting in B20 for Agents of SHIELD. Hell to the yes.

Saturday: Well, the plan WAS to room sit Hall H for the Marvel panel, but then Marvel released their signings and their Saturday list made me cry in joy. Now it’s a gamble: I’m going to give up on Hall H to TRY to get tickets to the Hayley Atwell, Joss Wheden/Clark Gregg, and Cap 2 cast & crew signings. Send all your good mojo my way, if you can!

I just really want to meet Hayley Atwell, guys. And if Chris Evans happens to be there and if I happen to get into that signing…well, I can die a happy con goer.

Sunday: The most low key day, so I’ll be checking out the floor again for some sales. There’s a whole row of Marvel-related panels I want to check out, and maybe Under the Dome.

If you happen to see me or the other girls anywhere, please feel free to say hi! We want to meet anyone and everyone we can.




This is my fourth SDCC now, and I’ve come to find that a mix of panel days and wandering days tend to make for the best convention experience. Here are my tentative plans:

Preview Night: Convention floor for exclusives! And I’ll also head over to the Ender’s Game Fan Experience, since I scored reserved passes!

Thursday: Convention floor day. I’ll be wandering the floor most of the day, mostly trying to see what I can. You’ll probably be able to find me in Artist’s Alley or at the Marvel booth trying to get Brian Michael Bendis to sign some of my All-New X-Men issues. This is also the day of our Multiple Man Meet-Up, so I’ll be dressed as Jamie  Madrox.

Friday: Ballroom 20 day! I’m going to try to get into the Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. panel, and then will likely hang around for Joss Whedon’s Dark Horse panel.

Saturday: Hall H. Marvel’s presentation, 20th Century Fox’s X-Men panel, and whatever Legendary/Warner Brothers has to offer. I’m really looking forward to seeing some footage from the 300 sequel and I hope they announce further plans for the DC movie universe.

Sunday: I’m tempted to head to Hall H again to catch a few non-comics related panels, but depending on how I feel, I may just head to the Women of Marvel panel and the X-Men panel.




Confession time: I took one look at the schedule and immediately found myself curling into the fetal position and making a keening noise. It was not a pretty sight. However with a bit of coaxing, I have managed to find my footing (so to speak).

Preview night:  The convention floor for exclusives! I’ll be braving the swarm to see what I can nab. If it looks to be too much, then I might try to get into the CW’s pilot screening because a little froth is what one needs to start a con.

Thursday:  Wandering the convention floor and hitting up a few panels. I am toying around with checking out the CBLDF’s smattering of debates and panels because I never outgrew my mock trial upbringing. I also have my eyes on the DC All Access panel, the Dark Horse panel and also the web comics panel.

Friday: Possibly room sitting in B20 with Angel and Chantaal for the Agents of SHIELD panel. Or I could be checking out the IDW and Buffy cover artist panels along with whatever else strikes my fancy.

Saturday: Either camping in Hall H with Angel or braving the Marvel signing with Chantaal. It is like the Sophie’s Choice of options but one has a higher chance of heading to an Archie panel as well.

Sunday: Dying of exhaustion. The plan for Sunday is not to have plans. The lure of Hall H and the non-comics panels there (ahem, Doctor Who) are strong, but I’m not a huge fan of the space so I’ll probably end up avoiding it and taking it easy by dropping into any number of other panels.

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