A Course in Zombiology!

Have you ever wanted to get into comic books but have no interest in superheroes and/or mutants? Or, perhaps you have never thought about getting into comics but happen to be a huge fan of all things horror/zombie/gruesome? Or you are already obsessed with The Walking Dead and just looking for people to geek out about the book and series with?

Whatever the reason, for join us for a blood-and-brains-filled evening starring the best-selling comic book and now hit TV-show on AMC, The Walking Dead. On Thursday, January 20, 2011, Meltdown Comics & Nerds in Babeland (with the help of Girls Read Comics Too & All Things Fangirl) will be throwing our first ever Comic Book-of-the-Week club, focused entirely on The Walking Dead.

Starting at 7pm PST, we will have a meet-up at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles that will also be streaming live online with an online chat component for those who cannot join us in person. For an entry fee of just $5, Stephanie Wooten from Nerds in Babeland will be leading a discussion on the best-selling comic book series, followed by a discussion lead by Jenna Busch (Moviefone Minute, Huffington Post, Cineboobs) on the hit AMC program show based on the series.  In between the discussions we will even provide a zombie make-up tutorial by Jackie Bagwell, an owner & organizer of Ashtoberfest (a week-long festival dedicated to all-things zombie).

You’ll also have the opportunity to enter a raffle in order to win a copy of a Walking Dead graphic novel and, even better yet, if you purchase a book at Meltdown that evening, you will get your $5 back!

Can’t be there in person because you don’t live in Los Angeles? Show up to the online chat and receive a discount code good for any online order placed through Meltdown Comics.

At the meet-up, we will discuss the book series from the beginning, and why it might be the perfect book for you to pick up if you’ve been toying with the idea of getting into graphic novels but haven’t taken the plunge.

Join us Thursday, January 20, 2011, at 7pm PST at either Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles (7522 Sunset Boulevard) or at http://nerdsinbabeland.com/chat and join in the discussion! Learn more about the books, the television series, or just geek-out with a bunch of fellow Walking Dead-Heads.

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Canastralian. Cosplayer. Comic book addict. Travel addict. Convention addict. ...I think that's a lot of addictions and I might need a 12 step program
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