NYCC: Saturday: Marvel NOW: Avengers

Avengers Arena #2

In this sister panel to the rest of the Marvel NOW! panels, various creators handling a few of the Avengers titles stepped up to the plate to talk about what’s new, what’s the same and what could potentially be in-store. As always there is the chance for spoilers, so be careful when you click!

Marvel NOW: the Avengers

Not rebooting the Avengers (nothing is broken).


  • Tom Brevoort
  • Rick Remender
  • Jonathan Hickman
  • Kieron Gillen
  • Dennis Hopeless

Uncanny Avengers

  • A need for this team
  • Covers by John Cassady for issue 002 through 004


  • Covers by Austin Weaver
  • Jonathan Hickman
  • Jerome Opeña
  • Biggest Avengers books that has been done
  • To follow movie with book, they had to make it so big Hollywood couldn’t pay for it.
  • Opeña’s art: amazing
  • Long-term storytelling gets set up from the very start.
  • There WILL be a pay off
  • Like F4 but bigger and better

New Avengers

  • Jonathan Hickman
  • Steve Epting
  • Starts January 2013
  • Most excited about this. The sister book to the Avengers.
  • Focuses on superheroes who rule the world in secret
    • Similar to the Illuminati
  • Both stories will happen separately, but then they collide in a big way.
    • Plotted to like 3-4 years out worth of stuff.
    • 2 Avengers per month; 1 New Avengers per month

Avengers Arena

  • Dennis Hopeless
  • Kev Walker
  • December 2012
  • 16 characters wake up on an island & told only one come out alive.
  • Teen supes fight it out.
  • Arcade shoes she means it in a hurry.

(New) Secret Avengers

  • Nick Spencer
  • Luke Ross
  • February 2013
  • More S.H.I.E.L.D. focus in this book
    • Coulson, Fury, Hill
  • Recruiting a team
    • Winter Soldier, Hulk, Mockingbird, Black Widow, Hawkeye and others will appear
    • Very espionage heavy & super covert
    • Features a lot of missions that are so secret not even the members of the team can know about each other

Young Avengers #1 variant

  • Time gap allows Kieron to write YA his way.Very exciting, kind of like a long action sequence
    • First run was about them being 16, this is about them being 18
  • Kid Loki, Wiccan, Hulking, Hawkeye, Miss America and Marvel Boy
  • Bryan Lee O’Malley doing the variant cover for issue one
  • Jaime McElvy (frequent collaborator with Gillen) is doing art.
  • There will be cameos from previous Young Avengers. Originally had a list of 13, but keeps it small to keep it character-driven.

Talk of Uncanny Avengers again when Rick Remender showed up. (Rick Remender thanks people for not hating it)

Avengers Assemble

  • Kelly Sue DeConnick
  • Steafano Ciselli
  • Nov 2012
  • “Shot Glass Avengers”
  • Shorter, sharper stories. Very character heavy
  • Stories about:
    • Iron-Man & Hulk’s relationship
    • Black Widow’s ledger is the second arc


  • More Deadpool Variant Covers on the way?
      • Remender: Keeps trying to sell himself as Jarvis. Handing everyone Mint Juleps and pretending htat is normal.
  • X-Gene reactivated , but there are no plans to restart the 50 state initiative. It’s done for the moment.
  • New creative teams starting, so starting on one makes accessibility subjective
  • A lot of it reads like a brand new group, but some don’t. It really depends on the story.
  • All strong books
  • Modern sensibility is that it is easier to sell something on what is Episode 1, Season 1.
  • Beginning of a new story, new volumes without being exposition heavy.

Red Skull

    • Has a lot of new powers.
    • He’s focusing his nazi agenda on mutants
    • Apocalypse stuff coming of out of X-Force.
        • Will kill a human to save a mutant which adds something else

New female Captain Universe

Old!Nick Fury will be in something big.

  • Plans for Old Avengers villains
  • Jokes that they will be killing Kang the Conqueror off-panel
  • But rather will implement him in big ways
  • Remender has blocked out 22 issues so he knows how Kang factors in.
  • Hickman agrees and comments that there is synergy between them
  • Explanation why half of the inlerg
  • Avengers Assemble 8 gives the beginning as to why cosmic characters are alive

Dark Hulk is a oldest guy in Avengers Arena

  • Brings that up right away because…dude.

Cannonball & Sunspot are now Avengers!

  • First arc about making the team bigger.
  • Also about hero-worship and dealing with that.
  • Inevitable writing gorgon

SHIELD 5 & 6 are done.

  • Plan is to keep creating characters and building teams of characters from all over the world.

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